Infinfinte Flight iCloud backup near 1GB in size

Hi all,
I use an iPad Pro 9.7" running iOS 11.4. I received a warning from Apple in the past few days that my iCloud account was using over 50% in capacity. When I checked, I found that Infinite Flight was using 1.23GB of iCloud backup.
I uninstalled and reinstalled Infinite Flight, and now it is using something around 943MB of iCloud space. I’ve only downloaded about 30% of the planes.

Can/should this not be a lot smaller? It seems to be backing up the whole app instead of the app data.




The app data is what’s taking up most of the space in Infinite Flight. The app itself is just below 100mb, it’s the aircrafts that’s taking up space as we have some with very detailed graphics.

If i were you, I’d recommend turning off iCloud backup for Infinite Flight as there’s really no practical purpose for it :)