Inexplicable violation

A few hours ago, I received three level 1 violations.
But I didn’t cause them. I was preparing for a new flight at ZSYT when the violation occurred.

Not long ago, I also got three level 1 violations! But it’s time for me to fly safely in the air!
I suspect that there is a security problem with my account. Can you help me make my account safe and erase the violation record? Sorry to trouble you.

Your screenshots have not uploaded.

First of all your Screenshots are not available for us to look at maybe you can re-upload them properly, and secondly what do you mean, ‘you didn’t make the level one violation’? I mean these violation are system generated thats is they are automatically issued to someone not following certain Rules like, flying faster than 260 kts below 10000 in a non military vehicle, taxing too fast, sitting idle on the runway for too long etc, i understand that sometimes these violations are issued by mistake due to some glitches in the software but that is a very rare incident, However if you could elaborate a bit more and re-upload the screenshots properly i think we’ll be able to handle the situation Better, thanks.

What he said

I think He is saying someone hacked his account and got him the violations.

Thanks for the reminder, it has been uploaded.

Like you said above, if this is true, your account may have been logged into by another device. Your best bet is to contact support by email via, they can do an investigation into your account I believe.

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Can you share your replay of the flight from LOWW? I recommend using

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I’ve had this problem before. If it its the same situation, what happened its that you pushed your plane right up against the overspeed limit while at cruise (Close to Mach 0.9 or wherever that red line is). Any sudden shift in wind might cause you to overspeed and issue a violation. Solution: don’t fly as fast, it depends on the plane, but you will generally not cruise faster than Mach 0.85.

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