Ineligible Expert Server Pilots

Hey guys! So I was just flying a cross country from KOPF to KPMP in the Cessna 172. Everything was going great, I took off with 2sm visibility and climbed out of it, until I transitioned over KFLL… A pilot by the username of “Collin Allison”, a grade 3 pilot, decided to takeoff out of KFLL and follow me for the rest of my route, in his Cessna citation X. He announced that he was staying in the pattern at KFLL so I didn’t think he would be a problem, until he decided to fly formation with me, he was swerving in front of me, beside me, you think of it, he did it…I mean come on the guy was 10 feet off my right wing! I wasnt expecting a flight of two on this trip! As I was on final for runway 28 at KPMP he left. I felt a sigh of relief. Just when I thought it was over, he came back, this time in a Cirrus sr-22! As I parked at the ramp he thought of a wonderful idea! He would later go on to do some donuts on the tarmac…I failed to mention that he crashed into me a couple times as well! Moderators, I know you guys do a lot, but can we please bump the standards a little higher for the expert server to flush out these un-serious pilots who have access to the expert server? Thank you, have a great day everyone, and squawk VFR! Here are some pictures…


Why were you deciding to do donuts on the tarmac? That’s my question. And no the mods will not bump up the requirements for the meantime. Eventually that dude will be banned from the expert server if he keeps this up. Try flying where IFATC is and see if he follows you and gets mobbed by violations.


I have no clue what was going through this guys head, he was crazy! There was no IFATC for 4,000 miles

It’s just another attention seeker who’s aim is clearly to try and anger you. Eventually, he will accumulate enough ghosts/violations to be kicked from the server entirely. Until then, you’ve just got to blank them out really.

Congrats on your new fanclub there… I suppose if he has a forum account search for it and next time I would consider in the result that someones does do this, make sure they do it in front of IFATC. They will most likely become ghosted or get overloaded with violations

The requirements just got bumped, that’s not happening anytime soon. Just ignore the guy and fly your flight, it’s really not a big deal and he will probably stop.

I’ve had similar incidents happen to me. Just ignore it, and the violations he will accumulate will take care of him.

I had a similar thing happen during a long haul except they never came super close like that then again it was a 5 hour flight.

Moderators and even developers are always flying around in the Expert Server, it’s only a matter of time before being caught by them and get ghosted as a result.

A good feature to combat that would be a proximity ghost.


Stats will never prevent this type of thing from happening. Nothing stops a grade 5 pilot with 0 violations and ghosts with 1,000,000 xp from deciding to be a troll and follow you. Unfortunately this is the nature of online multiplayer activities.

The world is a much bigger place now and moderators can’t be everywhere.

Let’s not turn this thread into another suggestion thread as we have had dozens over the years. Even a proximity ghost has issues with someone getting close to someone on purpose or network issues causes someone to pop up unexpectedly.


Don’t worry, he won’t be back on the server for a bit. 😉


@Pilot_Josh. MaxSez:

Josh, I’ve mentioned the rouge Expert eligible Pilots who venture off into Airspace without an adult supervisor minding the store. Your photo’s and narrative are proof positive that you’ve been harassed and multiple infraction where committed by “Allison”. Take no Prisioners, I suggest you PM @Joe with the screen shoot and facts, let justice take it course.


With all due respect - agreed it is infuriating when ‘trolls’ ruin the realism ofyour flight. I know the struggle. That said, I couldn’t help but find your suggestion very small minded, ignorant and dare I say quite selfish.

From every aspect, you have failed to consider serious pilots like myself. Pilots reaching grade three who have flown tirelessly to improve their landings and hours figures for the sake of gaining a higher level and being granted access into the Expert Server. Infinite Flight pilots like myself who desperately want to fly in the Expert server, because they enjoy the realism of the game and want to further this as much as possible. Pilots like myself want to receive coherent and clear ATC instructions to bring themselves closer to real world aviation.

Don’t suggest barring a whole group of people because of their stats not being sufficient, because believe it or not there are some grade 3 pilots who wish to use and enjoy this app for everything that its developers have helped it become.

This person has been handled and won’t gain access to Expert for quite some time. :)