Ineligible Controllers

I was on my way into EGLL about five minutes ago and contacted approach, I told him that I would like to land runway 27L for EGLL and he just kept responding with “say intentions”, I repeated myself everytime with, “Lufthansa 310 heavy requesting approach for runway 27L at EGLL”, the current sorrow he controller just kept on responding with “say intentions”. It got to the point where I said to myself “this guys no help to me”. Therefore I just tuned into the tower frequency. And you know what this approach controller does? He ghosts me! Whoever was controlling approach at EGLL at 13:00 London time, YOU NEED MORE TRAINING.

Has to be expert…

I believe @Matt was the controller, best to shoot him a DM :)

Sorry failed to mention, Expert server was current at the time.

It’s very possible that your internet connection was bad. Check this link out:

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You were probably seen as “unknown” by the controller.

Maybe you didn’t have a strong connection, and your replies weren’t getting through. Sometimes people show as “Unknown” when they don’t have a strong enough connection, and the controller isn’t able to receive your messages.

I was “Lufthansa 310 heavy”

I’m dealing in PM thanks :)