Inefficient ATC at KATL

I was planning on doing a flight from ATL on the expert server but I’m kinda peeved at the way operations are being handled right now. Is there any particular reason as to why runway 9L has to be the main runway used for takeoff? There is no reason why we need huge line for takeoff on runway 9L when runway 8R is also right there and can be used for takeoff which would greatly shorten the takeoff line. There was literally nobody in line for 8R. Even 8R was listed as a departure runway on ATIS but there was nobody in line for it and ATC was directing all the aircraft to runway 9L. I wanted to takeoff from runway 8R since my flight plan was using the NASSA2 departure which is only used on 8R. I requested to taxi to runway 8R but ATC insisted I use 9L for seemingly no reason. I wasn’t in the mood to completely change my flight plan nor wait in the extremely long line so I just ended the flight.

I mean no disrespect from this toward any members of IFATC. This is all just constructive criticism. However I would just like to have an answer as to why only one runway HAS to be used for takeoffs at KATL when in real life both runways are used at the same time and operations usually very efficient.


You can contact the ATC in question and discuss it with him in a PM, I think the controller is @Mrbeast6000


See reply above :)