IndyAir currently hiring chief staff positions

A new startup VA called IndyAir is hiring chief staff positions. IndyAir is a VA focused on serving the Midwestern US with Indianapolis as the airline’s main focus city. We operate six Dash 8-Q400 aircraft and one Cessna 208 Caravan aircraft to 24 different cities across the Midwest in Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Alabama, and Tennessee; extending as far as Birmingham, Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, and Springfield, MO; as well as as close as Ft. Wayne, IN. We would love to see you at IndyAir!

Please provide a short bio about yourself, as well as why you think you would be a good candidate for the position. Also include your flight hours, experience points, and any real world experience pertaining to the positions posted. Thank you!

Positions open:

Chief Operating Officer - responsible for day-to-day operations of the airline. Tasks included will be signing off flight reports, finding pilots for booked trips, and working with the CEO to evaluate new as well as current schedules and routes

Head of Pilot Training - responsible for the education of IndyAir trainees in the studies of general aviation and aircraft procedures for each of the fleet aircraft. Tasks include creating appropriate evaluation methods for trainees to test their knowledge of aviation and aircraft performance, signing off endorsements and ratings for pilots, and being the first one available to assist trainees and pilots with questions about aviation and/or aircraft.

Head of Pilot Recruitment - Responsible for advertising open pilot positions and helping new hires with the application process

Human Relations Manager - Responsible for most company communications. Tasks include sending mass emails to the company either via IFC group messaging or personal email (only by BCC), keeping track of all pilot emails and usernames for sake of communication purposes. Must have good writing/grammar and communications skills.

Pilots! We need them, so come on down!


Yes, they are approved.


what does your website say? Haha will you be doing a translation?

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I understand it Its dutch for some reason.

Weird… lol. It’s english here!

Oh no! LOL, it’s!* actually put the wrong website for my own company… I am clearly not awake yet. Been up since 5 and went to bed at 2… lol * lol. My bad!

Just curious…what are the requirements for Head is pilot training?

MaxSez: In order to establish the credibility and leadership potential of key staff members required during the join decision process pls post a short biography for each key personality (CEO, Chg Pilot ect); Include their IF Grade, XP and Hours Flown. Include a short precee on their formal education background, formal aviation training , military service, RW flight experience etc.


See latest edit and what Maxmustang mentioned. Feel free to PM me if you’re still interested. I don’t have requirements per se. I will, however, be making judgements for hire on how your application looks. This goes for all positions.

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For all those interested, IndyAir now has separate applications for Pilots and corporate positions. They can be accessed through the drop down menu under “Careers”. We still need lots of hands to make this work, so all applications are welcome!

I might also add - if you apply, please refer your friends to apply as well! Thank you for helping us establish ourselves in the VA world!

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Come on pilots lets give this VA some support.

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How is this VA coming along? The website looks incredible, but I couldn’t find any updates, status, or pilot rosters, so just wanted to check in. I love the idea of running some regional flights out of KIND.

I’m still new to Infinite Flight, but planning to apply with IndyAir once I make it to Grade 2. Used to fly for FedEx Virtual on the VATSIM network, so not new to VAs, just still getting used to IF.

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