Induction Flight with Turkish VA @ EGBB -FROM 141545ZOCT18

Server: **EXPERT **



Time: FROM 09:30am-22:00 GMT UK TIME subject to slight time delay Every day for the next 7 days

NOTAM Pattern instructions **Complete 5 touch and go landings on centre line marginalised with wind conditions on the day 1 go around at or below 500ft full and proper use of Unicom, procedures for patterns and Go around

please choose ,fuel and weight. collectively Very carefully

aircraft for testing Q400 ONLY

Experienced and senior serious pilots . (Minimum grade is obviously 3 due to server in use grade level is . subject to change higher ONLY
To attend and be scored for approval
Please contact myself @Johan_Burghaus for a suitable time slot I’m flexible

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In the title it says “TVA” meaning Turkish Airlines Virtual.

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People are so quick to jump the gun with their automatic messages…

Either PM him about the event or join the event… That’s the only real chatter that should be occurring on event threads.

Best of Luck with your situation @Johan_Burghaus 😬


Maybe you should ask before saying TVA is Turkish, you can’t always be sure. Best thing is not to jump into conclusions if you don’t know, If you would like to take this futher, please PM me.


I’d just to clear up that TVA does indeed represent Turkish Virtual Airlines im the chief pilot at said VA we are however currently awaiting IFVARB approval due to an unforced error hence our late silent partner (IPP) was invited on a personal level by myself to hold inductions on our behalf through THE IPP training programme.

It has since sadly become unclear of the status of this arrangement reasoning is at this time unclear

Moving foward if you are interested in joining Turkish VA the please see our IFC THREAD and website interest is as ever welcomed via PM

Wishing all pilots
Around the globe the very best

Thanks for reading

Chief Pilot
Johan Burghaus
Turkish Virtual Airlines

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Details need not be discussed we are at the line of professional confidentiality I will leave the topic here I encourage IFVARB Personel to discuss the matter further

Ok. Let me clear the air because a handful of you aren’t understanding this.

  • This is not a VA thread. Quit bringing up the fact that this needs to be IFVARB approved.
  • Just because a potential VA is not certified yet, does not mean that they are prohibited from creating an event in #live:events.
  • I have yet to see 1 individual sign up. If you’re not looking to join, then leave this topic now. Simple.

If you have issues with the above. My inbox is open 📭



Well then, @Johan_Burghaus Sorry for what I told you. This event looks interesting. Could I join?

Thankyou for your interest may I acquire your flight stats Inc Grade ,Landings, XP, Violations tally table with reports tally clear and visible

Please send details direct to my ♾📫