Indraniel's Atc Tracking Thread (Closed )

I am a beginner in ATC and will be providing ATC services in Middle East as of now to train myself.
Dubai(OMDB): N/A
Qatar(OTHH): N/A
•Training Server (TS1)
•please don’t forget to leave your feedback so I can improve more and more.

Are you open at OMDB and can I do pattern work?

No I am open at Qatar (OTHH)

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Cool, could you correct your post to show that information :)

Also i’m on my way down there now :D
Callsign: RBB

Its written open at Qatar and N/A at Dubai.

Ahhh yep I see it, it’s just a little bit confusing with the 2 locations.

What happened? Lost connection?

Well you cleared me for takeoff then left. I have some feedback about that short session :)

  • When I switched to tower I didn’t request right away because I was reading something on the forum. You then instructed me to line up and wait. Always try get the aircraft to request first and then instruct to line up or take off because if someone wants to remain in the pattern and doesn’t give that initial command the tower can only clear for takeoff not cleared for take make l/r traffic. If you are in a hurry then ask for intentions and if you are not allowing patterns then you can just instruct to takeoff or line up and wait without then giving the first command. I bring this up because I wanted to remain in the pattern but was just told to takeoff and to leave the airspace.

I guess my WiFi went mad and yeah thnx For the feedback will keep it in mind next time.

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