Indraniel's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello there guys. I recently gave my IFATC theory test and well I didn’t pass. Well through this thread I hope that I can recover through my mistakes and help me forward to start my journey in IFATC, not only that but also keep learning.

Feedback is highly appreciated.

Information on ATC services

Server: TS1
Airport: N/A
Status: CLOSED
Operational Hours: 2
Aircrafts Handled: 4 +(3)

NOTAMS: Note that 12R/30L is used as a taxiway, therefore you may directly request taxi to parking after exiting runway 12L/30R. It is enforced in real life. (applicable for OBBI)


Never seen <kbd> used in such a way, looks cool


Hello Indraniel, I was N52EA and here’s my feedback :

  • To start with, after requesting taxi, I began taxiing in grass and after a little while, you said,“This is not a taxiway.” You had the right intentions, but you could’ve used “Don’t taxi through grass,” just for future reference. When you have extra time between clearing, just try to make sure everyone is doing what they’re supposed to.

  • Next, I just noticed that I was getting my clearances, a little, unnecessarily late, I was the only one in the pattern so I understand the urgency wasn’t high, but try to do it on the late crosswind/early downwind stage. Overall your clearing was pretty good, yet I’m unsure how good your sequencing was since I was the only one.

  • Lastly, when I was on full stop, I got cleared to exit the runway at about 40 knots. In the future, try to do it around 60-70 knots.

I hope your journey to IFATC is successful, and have a good rest of your day.

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Hey @Shane ,

First of all thanks for coming by. Yes you are right but you know some of the airports in the middle east have sand rather than grass, i mean if they are very little small shrubs so i thought i would rather use "This is not a taxiway’’ command, but sure i will use the one you suggested.
This is main problem, either i fly or do atc my phone’s slow so mostly it takes a little bit time and moreover i was doing it slow so that i didn’t send you any incorrect command. Will try to get my speed up.

Once again thanks for coming by and dropping your feedback really means a lot to me, hope to see you again.


ATC available at OTHH.

Hello guys ATC is online now at OBBI.


Hey! The Cessna 208 here. Here are the things that I noticed:

  • The type of plane I’m flying isn’t able to be pushed back. You should have said that I should taxi right away.

  • When I’m requesting to cross an active runway (rwy 30R), you have to tell me to contact tower (after all, they’re responsible for active runways). After that, tell me to go back to ground. It’s however fine to tell me to cross rwy 30L on ground freq.

  • You can give a pattern entry and sequencing with one message to the A346 inbound for landing at rwy 30R. (enter … (callsign), number …, behind the traffic at …)

  • After the A321 T&G’d, you messed up the sequence. They’re still #1 because they are still leading the pattern.

  • When the A321 was asking for the visual at 30L, there is no need for a pattern entry. I just realized that they should have just asked for a runway change to that rwy instead of those previous requests.

  • The exit runway command was too early for me. I was just about to land and a taxiway I could turn on was nowhere near. Even though the command is usually at ~60kts, also consider the proximity to a suitable taxiway.

  • You can also combine a crossing of a runway with the exit command. (Callsign, exit … when able, cross/hold short rwy …, contact ground on taxiway)

All in all, not bad! :)

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Hey there thanks for the feedback, will work on it.

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