Indonesian Skydancer goes to Celebes | GA6125 Jakarta - Makassar with A330

Hello and good day everyone ! after a few days I was feeling unwell and could not be enthusiastic about doing the flight, finally I came back again with my photo taken from today’s flight.
Garuda also operates A330 wide-bodied aircraft on its domestic routes. This increase realism on IF if you’d like to try it’s route 😃 …Please have a look 😉

Route: Soekarno Hatta-Jakarta > Makassar Sultan Hassanudin (WIII-WAAA)
Airline & Aircraft: Garuda Indonesia A330-343
Flight time: 2 hrs 06 mins
Server: Expert


Nice pictures.
For some reason, at first, I thought this was Bali.


😆 haha … No, its Central Java. If i not wrong seen from the two mountains, its mount Merapi i think. About 60+km from where i live 😄

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I really loved the Garuda livery in general. I wish they got to update A330 with live cockpit though otherwise I may be flying often with this :)

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