Indonesian Island Hop - Garuda Indonesia 737-800

Hi there! This is a collection of photos I took during a flight from Lombok to Bali (callsign Indonesia 143). As you know, both are popular holiday destinations, so there are a lot of flights operated by multiple airlines between the two islands. The flight is just 84nmi long, operated by a Garuda Boeing 737-800 or a Batik Air A320. In my case, I chose the Garuda 737. Enjoy!

Server: Training
Time: 0h 34min
Route: WADL - WADD

At the gate.

Backtracking and taking off on Runway 31.

V1… Rotate… (That was not a tailstrike.)

A view of amazing Lombok on the departure climb. Mountains in the background, beaches and crystal-clear water in the foreground.

Some cute little islands caught on camera while descending.

Nice wingview. On final to Bali.

Short final. Flaps down, gear down, 155 knots.

A perfect landing, right on spot. Note the touchdown zone.

Parked. Welcome to beautiful Bali!
Indonesia sure is wonderful.

Thank you for reading! I hope you liked it.


Amazing pictures!

Thanks a lot! Did you see that landing?