Indonesian C-130 crash

"Breaking: Indonesian Airforce C130 crashed killing all 13 on board.

An Indonesian air force transport plane has crashed into a mountain, killing all 13 people board, during a training exercise in the remote region of Papua

The Hercules C130 plane had taken off from the city of Timika before crashing near its destination of Wamena.

The bodies of the victims are being brought to nearby Wamena from the Lisuwa Mountain crash site."

Any hints towards the cause yet?

Not yet I think.

Here it says it could be the weather.

Papua’s Mountainous Terrain makes the weather around Papua is uncertain, There are at least 5 aviation accidents in Papua on 2016, Killing tens of victims. Besides the weather factor, most of Indonesia’s TNI AU (Indonesia’s National Air Force) C-130s are mostly above 20 years (We bought second-hand jets mostly), no wonder This isn’t the first time a C-130 (Hercules) Crashed in Indonesia (More than 5 C-130s owned by Indonesia crashed in the last 7 years). The Lower House will make a comprehensive inspections of the remaining C-130s which will decide C-130’s fate in TNI-AU’s fleet (Quoted from MetroTV, I was typing this while watching it)

Weather (specifically clouds) and very steep mountains and terrain are the biggest threats to aviation in Papua. Having lived and flown in planes (as a passenger) in and out of there for several years, it was scary stuff. A 20+ year old plane would be lower on the list of threats to life.

Indeed, Indonesia needs to buy more military planes instead using those old C-130s along those old planes on their fleet. I hope they can replace it with the new Military Airplane that they are working on now.

New planes are only going to help if they include GPWS and TAWS systems. They should already be in all planes in Papua. I don’t know how widespread they are. All flight into highlands regions are visual flight rules anyways, but flying through clouds with high mountains is very tricky. Going through a hole in the clouds can end up leading into the side of a mountain, kind of like going into a box canyon.

Clouds hiding mountains are the primary killers.

This promotional film is an accurate depiction of flying challenges in Papua.


I also do hope they will add GPWS/TAWS systems on their aircraft. I heard those planes are already equipped with it, However many of them aren’t functional. It will be a serious problem for Papua’s Aviation Industry and it will halt the current Joko Widodo’s Administration plans to build the remote districts on Papua (Until Today, Helps are mostly come with using TNI’s aircraft)


So sad, all thoughts are with the victims families…


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