Indonesia flying

Today (12SEP20) I was flying in the Expert server from WAAA to WIII. The flight time was 1 hours and 50 minutes. It was a very smooth flight with very nice ATC. I ended the flight at about 5:40 Zulu time. Here are some pictures from my flight (Indonesia 2929).

Takeoff from WAAA

Climb out of WAAA
Crusing at FL380 over the java sea
Descent into WIII
On approach into WIII
Short final at WIII runway 25L
Slowdown on runway 25L
Vacating runway at WIII
At the gate

Overall it was a very smooth flight with a very buttery landing. Thank you to the ATC that controlled the flight.

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Very cool photos!

You should recreate this with the new one!

Thanks @anon57312879

I might @Alec

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Hmm I think he couldn’t make it with a new one because the Garuda Indonesia livery at 333 was gone. Hopefully, apart from the Devs including the Garuda Indonesia livery in 339 Neo, we, Infinite Flight players from Indonesia, hope that Retro Livery can be included in 333, who knows, it can become one of the special livery in 333 in the future.

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Nice pics! Hope you had a nice flight

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This is a great way for us to see the old A330 with the Garuda livery
Very nice photos :)

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Thanks, it’s literally blowing up 11 months after I posted it lol

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i thought another argument i gonna break out lol
then i saw it was 11 months ago
Nice photos anyway

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Lol thanks

Beautiful shot mate!
Sadly we can’t see again this livery on 333 Rework.