Indonesia AirAsia Xtra Flight 250 (Flightreport)

Hello, Today I’m going to do a Flightreport about one of my past flight back in June…

Sat, Jun 11th 2016, I went to our Main Airport, Soekarno Hatta International Airport at 4:30am in the morning. Today, we were going to use Terminal 3. The newest Terminal and the terminal for AirAsia Carriers (XT, QZ, and AK). I arrived around 5am LMT. And accidentally met my aunties. Then we are heading to the check in first. We tried to self check in but the machine is broken lmao. After asking for help, Finally we succeed the check in hehhehe. Then we are going upstairs to Starbucks. While on upstairs, I took some pictures of banners around the terminal

Not long after, we went through a small immigration counter and small airside (No Shops, Only Gates). I decided to do some spotting though it’s not clear as the window isn’t clear and clean with limited views

About 20 mins later, we were called to board the aircraft. We had to board the bus to go to the remote stands (Current T3U Parking).

PK-AXF will serve our flight today 😊

Then we board the aircraft. We sat in the last row. A row in front of the galley

The seat pocket contents and legroom

We departed on time, The crew did some safety acts. Don’t want to take a photo due to the law in here ;-;. We took off from runway 25L at 06:55am. Then we are passing over Tangerang area before heading to the north

Another shot of legroom

Then, I decided to do some toilet inspection

Not long after, The in flight service began. AirAsia as an LCC implements Buy on Board system. So I only buy Mineral waters lmao.
(Pictures coming soon)
I spend my time with playing IF, taking a nap, did some sightseeing to Malaysia. I didn’t relise the time flies fast, the pilot finally did another announcement to descend to DMK, And we arrived 10 minutes earlier than schedule! Some snaps of Gulf of Thai and Bangkok/Pattaya coastline

Turning to the northwest

I think many of you will think I’ll land at newer Suvarnabhumi… But we were landing at Don Mueang, the older one. If you’re curious, You can ask me the reason why

Did see a plane making a pattern around BKK. It was an A330 I guess. Btw, here is a view to Bangkok’s DMK airport

Here’s a snap of Bangkok’s skyline + Chao Phraya river

Somehow I felt that the captain did set those engines to full thrust around this area. Btw as we are making an 180 degrees to the airport, here is some snaps for you

Then we saw a huge unknown building! I think it’s a Mosque or a Palace. I don’t have any idea why would someone build a palace near an airport

And don’t forget the seatbelt sign!

Then we did the final approach, Can feel the roar of those engines despite sitting in the rear of the aircraft

Once we landed, we are greeted by FA as always. I spotted some Thai Lion Air and Thai AirAsia on there. The unique thing is, I spotted some Thai Airways planes. We did park next to the NokAir (@NatIsrael972 😏)

And we disembark, a girl in front of me tried to cover her face ahahaha 😏😂

Oh and don’t forget to take some snaps of the aircraft!

Thanks PK-AXF for serving us.

Then we went to the immigration (The Immigration person looked so fierce 😯😨) Then we take our luggages. There were some delays because of the carousel but as we arrived 10 mins earlier than schedule, So i think it won’t be a big deal

Bonus : Before I conclude this trip, Me and my mom just found out at the baggage claim area that one of the label to cover our luggage was ripped off. We suspected that someone from the Ground Handler in CGK tried to stole something from my luggage. Luckily, they can’t stole it as my mom lock all of her baggages.

That’s all. Thanks for reading my trip report

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Nice photos


Nice photos! Do you know if those are advertisements on the overhead bins? I’ve never seen those before.




Cool photos!


Not sure I needed to see the bathroom, but other than that nice photos!


It’s an advertisement for an Indonesia’s Coffee Brand, Luwak White Koffie. The awkward thing is, the ad also features Lee Min Ho 😂

The FlightReport finally completed now! Feel free to leave other comments!

Due to the recent news of the death of Thai King, I’ll present this report as a honour for his majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Hope he can rest in peace.

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