Indonesia AirAsia A320-216SL (PK-AZO)

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Note: before saying that we already have an AirAsia livery, this request is about one of the AirAsia’s subsidiary (AirAsia Indonesia).
There are many Air Asia’s subsidiary (AirAsia India, Thai AirAsia, AirAsia Philippines (the defunct AirAsia Japan)…


Hello everyone and welcome to an another request!

I’m requesting that the Indonesia AirAsia A320 (new livery and with SL) is added into the simulator.

Generals Informations about Indonesia AirAsia

Indonesia AirAsia is a subsidiary of AirAsia,
this subsidiary is based in Tangerand, Indonesia.

Founded as the name of Awair in 1999, it was renamed to the current name in 2005.

Like many others Indonesians airlines, AirAsia Indonesia was banned from the EU due to safety concerns (until July of 2010)…

They have a fleet of twenty five aircraft (only the A320)…

Indonesia AirAsia’s routes

Generals informations about this A320

Built in 2013, it was delivered to AirAsia in November 8th, 2013 as 9M-AQY.
On September 26th of 2019, the A320 is transferred to Indonesia AirAsia with the current registration
His Serial Number is 5846.

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Wanted to vote, but I want to save my last vote for later. You have my support! :)


Appreciate the support!


I hope dev change airasia A320 livery with this

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I disagreed, because AirAsia (the livery we have in IF) is a Malaysian Airline.
This is like replacing the easyJet A320 with easyJet Switzerland (a subsidiary of easyJet).

However, the devs can add the Indonesia AirAsia livery with the main airline (AirAsia).

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