Individual Waypoints

I like that one too!

Not unrealistic at all.

User waypoints are a prominent feature of apps such as ForeFlight. [I’ve never used others such as Garmin’s version, but I would bet they have it as well.

Also consider that many times during commercial flight, pilots are given “direct…” allowances for shortcuts. They would then fly direct to whichever waypoint they are given along that path. As currently constituted, the equivalent action in IF utilizing LNAV would result in the LNAV attempting to fly to the planned leg rather than going direct from the current coordinates. [I’m sorry, that may have come out a bit cloudy. Hopefully, you can visualize what I mean.]

The only option in IF now would be to erase your FP and use the Direct option, but then you would need to rebuild all of the remaining waypoints, something you wouldn’t need to do in typical commercial flight, despite the fact that shortcuts are given all the time.


Yes, but they enter coordinates, not actually like make a real waypoint. But I know they do, do that.

Right, we’re on the same page, then I guess. You would be able to treat those exact coordinates as if they were a waypoint for the purposes of the current flight, but not add them to the map permanently or anything. That’s not unrealistic.

Bit of advertising , but if you’re struggling with plans , you can just use VirtualHub. Has MANY plans and you can just copy and paste them.

Alright, yah I just misread thanks for clearing it up.

This would definitely help me. You get my vote!

Just copy and past a flight plan. It’s so much easier and it does what your sejusting

If you think about it… and read the date of this request, when it was created… 2017. FPLtoIF was non-existent at that time when Marc made this feature request. So in that sense, it isn’t odd that he never mentioned FPLtoIF, being a optional tool to use.

Also using the method he is requesting would be much faster than what FPLtoIF offers though, typing in the coordinates and/or using FPLtoIF does work too, but the request would simply flight planing for long hauls over areas with no waypoints or navaids in IF but even shorter flights, where as in areas, near airfields that does not have many waypoints, is where this feature to tap somewhere to add a waypoint would help tremendously.

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I really, really need this. I am tired of flying to airports and the waypoints are nowhere near the airport/final approach location. I’ll clear a vote for you right now & hope for the best!

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I believe there is an option to create a waypoint based on latitude and longitude, just use programs like FPLtoIF to help you.