Individual Waypoints

Especially in areas, where IF doesn’t offer Waypoints, it can be very difficult to do flight planning. It’s also a difficulty on long haul flights, because you have to zoom in into the map to find waypoints. It’s not very effective and not very well visualized.

So here is my idea: The possibility to create individual waypoints.

It would work like this:

You touch a place on the map where you want to create a waypoints. A little window shows up which says „Create Waypoint“. This waypoint is only visible for you, and it will disappear as soon as you clear your flightplan.

In my opinion, this would improve the navigation ingame, and fix the problem of missing waypoints in some areas without the need of add new ones to the library.

You can always input them using their coordinates ;)


Which is quite complicated. The idea I am suggesting would be a lot easier and faster


Yeah I do agree with you there. Quite a nice idea - I just threw that in there to show that there is a similar method :)


Coordinates are not quite complicated. There are various ways of finding co-ordinates. I use which has real world waypoints and also goes very well in entering co-ordinates without using too much research.

@ewanfleming has provided a link to help one enter co-ordinate waypoints.


Like the idea and convenient… but… it’s unrealistic, but it is a sim not real life so… yeah

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There already are a lot of things, which are very unrealistic. For example: I‘ve never seen a plane in real life doing such a dramatic bank when turning for the next waypoint. This system I am suggesting would also bring the possibility to do smoother turns with VNAV.

This would be very nice, but unrealistic.

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Waypoints in Global are based on real life waypoints, cool suggestions but not realistic to the goal of Infinite Flight.

If your plane is banking too much to compensate for waypoints then I suggest the possibility of better planning so it’s a lot smoother or to manually fly the aircraft as need when approaching waypoints

What we have now is unrealistic as well. There are areas with almost no waypoints, which makes navigation very complicated.

Where are these areas?

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There are areas throughout the world missing realistic fixes and VORs mostly in Africa and Asia.

Well understandably so, the world is pretty large so the developers are doing the best they can to add as many waypoints as possible

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Indeed the devs are trying. For me this feature request is too unrealistic. I usually check sky vector maps and enter the coordinates of the missing waypoints ;)


Personally I usually do A-B-C-D kinda flights I avoid anything more than 5 way points.

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That is true, I guess we could use it untill more point are added.

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this is where coordinate / gps points come in handy How to Input GPS Coordinates to your FPL

I would like to see a similar idea. You tap on an area on the map and all the waypoints around that area pop up, no matter how zoomed out you are.


I think IF should let you create user waypoints. User waypoints are waypoints Pilots set that they can use to mark a grass strip or a point of interest.

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