Individual Radars for airfields and area control.

Now before I begin, I know this is a HUGE task for FDS. I also know that their will be a HUGE increase in realism with this - and I’m sure that my IFATC friends would love this to be implemented.

My suggestion is this - Radar. At the moment, ATC have the hugely unrealistic gods gift view of seeing everything that is in the skies in their region, and I suspect the world come Global.. Within TS1 this is mega annoying with random tower controllers requesting you contact their frequency when you’re 50+nm away and way out of their Air Traffic Zone.

In the real world, a great number of airports use a Watchman Radar with a range of somewhere in the region of 40nm (can be 50 on a good day). So what if you chose an airport to control, and boom - that’s he ONLY radar you can use? Area control would have it different and be able to select radars in the area they’re controlling - here’s the catch, area radars have a detection range of around 250nm. Tactically placed around countries all over the world, these radars provide truly insane coverage.

If you need more info, let me know - I’ll try to make it less confusing!

Also, if you’re interested in the history of radar then PM me and I’ll be more than willing to discuss it :)

Cheers, Mags

@Maxmustang - I’ve started this request in response to yours ( I figure if we can get this implemented then AEW would be more likely a possibility! I also found a vote that won’t be missed on another request for this 👍🏼

As a controller myself, I have voted! I feel this is completely necessary and a very good idea!


@Mags885… MaxSez: Well my friend and excellent idea but a monumental task to program & implement. Consider; regions as we know them will probably disappear when IF airspace as we know is subsumed into an unknown Global tstructure without Centers or Tracon’s etc. Global Nav and Control structure remains a “mystery”. This may not be the time to expect any action on this feature. I like the idea, have no votes available or I’d give you one. Regards

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I don’t know, implementing a standard 250nm radar ring and a 40 for airfields? Ignoring the terrain masking initially? It’s a big task but not as huge as I think we would assume!

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