Individual Controller Identification


Currently, we can only see if an airport has active ATC, but it would be nice if FDS added a feature that allows the pilot to see if the airport is running ground, tower, approach, departure, or center. This way, pilots can identify individual controllers and what position they are controlling, and at what airport, so there is no confusion on what position they are controlling before you spawn in.


Hey Henrik! This is actually possible, just click on the desired airport and and in the top left hand corner it will show what controller’s are manning what stations…

P.s I have a feeling you might of meant the UI when selecting a region or spawn point, if so then it is a good idea :) It would be helpful ;)



Yes, I did mean the UI when selecting airport & region, but thanks anyway!


In real world you don’t know who’s controlling you😛 so it’s fare once logged in to map you can see who’s controlling. There shouldn’t be detail in region window either. If this on main screen, people will choose map to fly by fanboyism and had different opinion with atc


No problem and nice idea :)


In real world, yes, I agree, that you don’t know who is controlling you. I didn’t mean that when you select a region it would say the names of the users controlling, but rather the position they are controlling, so you have a better understanding of the environment you are joining.


yea i agree on this point…cause i know i’ve been guilt of this…but just by choice,but now it’s really doesn’t matter…but your point is bang on…well said.


Hi guys,

You can actually do this:
Tap on server button on th home screen, on the left hand side of the screen, click the button in the middle (I think it is called “server”).
On the right side controllers names should be written.