Indistinctively Screenshots

Aircalin is a very distinct airline in Oceania as it is the only airline to fly an A330neo here. Today, in Expert Server, ATC was active at NZAA, a 2hr route that Aircalin normally flies to, especially using their A330neos to fly there (I think?). So why not use this opportunity to fly the aircraft from its Hub in Nounéa to Auckland as flight SB410A.

(Also there is this weird bug that keeps on bugging the rendered image on the top left corner. I should probably inform the mods of this but I’m too unbothered to do it, so just try your best not to suffer).


Making a 180 at the end of the runway before taking off at NWWW.

Tailshot + Tower & Terminal of NWWW.

Starting pattern after takeoff from NWWW.

Passing an Airbus that is flying oppositely to New Caledonia i think.

Misty sunset near NZAA.

Don’t know how or why a swiss plane would be here but its there i guess.

Ironic that I’m in an expert server and I see someone who overran the taxiway. Not the runway, the taxiway.

Dang I didn’t know time travel exists.

Irrelevant Notes:
I have officially fallen off a trolley,
thanks for watching this ig.


Nice photos!