Indira Gandhi International Airport VIDP Delhi 3D

We really need DELHI for infinite flight. Why has it been 3D yet? We really want to do long hauls flight like KSFO-VIDP or KORD-VIDP.

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I’m confused. Are you talking about it being 3D?

I just changed it, thx

Well I’m not sure if it is in the works of becoming 3D or not

Hi, Gurman!

VIDP is a WIP, as noted in the following topic. However, airport editing is voluntary, and unless staff requests, which is only done in certain circumstances, deadlines for airport completions are not in place. As a result, airports can be worked on for different lengths of time, as is the case with Delhi. Rest assured, though, that progress has been made and will be 3D in the future. Your patience is certainly appreciated and will allow the best product to be delivered to your device!