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Welcome to The Official Thread of IndiGo Virtual


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Welcome to the official thread of IndiGo Virtual! Founded in late 2019, IndiGo Virtual (6EVA) is an IFVARB approved virtual airline based in India. Approved on the 16th of January 2020, the airline aims to bring the community together and to explore the beauty that lies within the Indian subcontinent. The airline also aims to offer flyers a professional and enjoyable experience.

The VA is based on the Indian low-cost carrier IndiGo based in New Delhi and with hubs at Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad. With numerous dedicated pilots logging thousands of hours and flights, IndiGo Virtual is all set to become a leading Virtual Airline in Infinite Flight.

IndiGo Virtual is managed by a group of professional and friendly staff. The staff team is always ready and happy to assist you with your VA-related queries. They are well trained to handle any task put in front of them and make sure the VA operations take place as smooth as your buttery landings! Meet them below.

Staff Name Community Username Position
Hari Shreyas @hari.shreyas Chief Executive Officer
Arjun Taneja @Arjun_Taneja Chief Operating Officer
Position Vacant Events Manager
Position Vacant Flight Supervisor
Position Vacant Web & Media Manager

We’re Hiring Staff!

Interested in being part of the staff team? Apply for it below.

Staff Application Form

IndiGo Virtual operates a fleet of the Airbus A320 and A321. Capable of flying for over six hours, the A320 and A321 are the lifelines for both our domestic and international operations! As a replacement for the A321N, IndiGo Virtual operates the generic version of the A321 in Infinite Flight.


IndiGo Airbus A320

IndiGo Airbus A321

Generic livery in-game. Replacement for the A321N.

IndiGo Virtual consists of four segments. These four segments collectively make up more than half of our entire master routes database. These segments also give our pilots an opportunity to fly different beautiful and mesmerizing routes. Other than Ifly Mainline, our segments also include:

200+ routes to/from more than 25 destinations

30+ routes to/from three destinations.

Routes decided weekly

6EVA consists of a vast database of routes. With over 1000 routes to 100+ destinations, IndiGo Virtual has it all. From short thirty-minute hops to longer six-hour flights, there is one for everyone! We fly to numerous scenic destinations that will surely wow you. With new routes and destinations added every month, the flights get better and better! Have a look at the destinations we offer.

Blue Marker - Mainline Destinations
Green Marker - Charter & CarGo Destinations
Grey Marker - Historic Destinations

Click here for a detailed look of our destinations map.


Our hubs have an important place in the VA. Pilots may select the hub airport of their choice at the beginning of their story with us. Our hubs offer diverse routes for pilots to fly.

List of Our Hubs
ICAO Airport Name Location
VIDP Indira Gandhi International Airport New Delhi, NCR
VABB Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport Mumbai, Maharashtra
VOBL Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru, Karnataka
VOHS Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Hyderabad, Telangana
VECC Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport Kolkata, West Bengal
VOMM Chennai International Airport Chennai, Tamil Nadu
VAAH Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Our hub airport, Mumbai, gets 3D buildings!

Career Mode

A career mode that happens the IndiGo way! A career mode like no other which happens to give our pilots the best-in-class amount of flexibility to enjoy and live every flight in Infinite Flight.
The Career mode offers pilots with two options: Regular Career Mode and Custom Career Mode.

Regular Career Mode lets the pilots get as close as possible to the real-world life of pilots, having pre-scheduled flights in organized sectors. Custom Career Mode, on the other hand, is adaptable and flexible according to the pilots’ real-life needs and schedules just so that no one misses out on having the most realistic experience with us!


The pinnacle of realism gets relished at our newest addition to the VA - Membership. This enables all pilots to an uncountable amount of perks, like, a completely unique callsign as per pilot’s choice, custom tags, a huge rank table pushed all the way up to 5,000 hours. Even more, it offers a challenge to maintain higher seniority in higher IndiGo classes!

We at IndiGo Virtual are proud to have multiple codeshares! With many routes, our codeshare airlines help us connect to destinations all across the world. Other than that, they also offer our pilots a wide variety of aircraft to choose and fly. Have a look at our codeshare partners:

Airbus Virtual

AirAsia Virtual

Air China Virtual

Air Europa Virtual

easyJet Virtual

GOL & VARIG Virtual

Qatar Virtual Airways

Sriwijaya Virtual

Turkish Airlines Virtual (thread coming soon)

Vietnam Airlines Virtual

IndiGo Virtual’s internal community is bonded by the flights, events, and some cool pictures by our enthusiastic and smart pilots on our Discord server. Pilots utilize our discord servers for group flights, support, communication, and much more!

Join us to gain access to our Discord server!

We would surely be delighted to have you on board with us! Before applying, make sure you meet our requirements. To apply for IndiGo Virtual, you must:

  • Be at least 13 years of age.
  • Have a valid Infinite Flight Pro Subscription.
  • Have access to the expert server.
  • Have Discord application installed on their device.
  • Have an Infinite Flight Community Account.
  • Be able to file one flight every month.

Join us and Experience Flying, The 6E Way!

Pilot Application

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Disclaimer & Credits


IndiGo Virtual is in no way associated with IndiGo Airlines or other real-life airlines/organizations in any manner.


Thread designed by IndiGo Virtual’s staff team.
Main banner image credits to @if.dallas.


We’re happy to be a codeshare of IndiGo Virtual! :)

Air Europa VA


Amazing Thread,Glad to be a pilot here😍💯


Thread is on fire!! Looks awesome guys. Best of luck for your future😉


Interesting programs 👍🏻👌🏻


Thank you for your kind words, everyone!

Am glad 2 be part of an amazing VA. Great work on the thread :D

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Nice thread :heart:

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@IndiGo_Virtual I did applied as a pilot few days back and hoping for a reply thanks 🙂

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Thank you :)

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Hello, @Aniket
Unfortunately, we have not received your application yet. You might have applied in our old application form, which is no longer in use. Please fill out our newer application form which can be found here.

For queries, do not hesitate to contact our staff member @hari.shreyas via the IFC :)

See you in the 6E skies!

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This month’s database update brought 46 new routes and 5 new exciting destinations!

Our new destinations include:

  • Arrakonam (VOAR)
  • Bahrain (OBBI)
  • Nairobi (HKJK)
  • Yerevan (UDYZ)
  • Belgrade (LYBE)

Updated destination map

New Ifly Mainline Routes

Hyderabad (VOHS)-Srinagar (VISR)
Srinagar (VISR)-Hyderabad (VOHS)
Mumbai (VABB)-Jammu (VIJU)
Jammu (VIJU)-Mumbai (VABB)
Chandigarh (VICG)-Jammu (VIJU)
Jammu (VIJU)-Chandigarh (VICG)
Udaipur (VAUD)-Chennai (VOMM)
Chennai (VOMM)-Udaipur (VAUD)
Lucknow (VILK)-Guwahati (VEGT)
Guwahati (VEGT)-Lucknow (VILK)
Gorakhpur (VEGK)-Bengaluru (VOBL)
Bengaluru (VOBL)-Gorakhpur (VEGK)
Ahmedabad (VAAH)-Cochin (VOCI)
Cochin (VOCI)-Ahmedabad (VAAH)
Mumbai (VABB)-Chandigarh (VICG)-Leh (VILH)
Leh (VILH)-Chandigarh (VICG)-Mumbai (VABB)

New Ifly Charter & CarGo Routes

New Delhi (VIDP)-Yerevan (UDYZ)
Yerevan (UDYZ)-New Delhi (VIDP)
Mumbai (VABB)-Yerevan (UDYZ)
Yerevan (UDYZ)-Mumbai (VABB)
Cochin (VOCI)-Yerevan (UDYZ)
Yerevan (UDYZ)-Cochin (VOCI)
Bengaluru (VOBL)-Yerevan (UDYZ)
Yerevan (UDYZ)-Bengaluru (VOBL)
Mumbai (VABB)-Nairobi (HKJK)
Nairobi (HKJK)-Mumbai (VABB)
Mumbai (VABB)-Bahrain (OBBI)
Bahrain (OBBI)-Mumbai (VABB)
New Delhi (VIDP)-Istanbul (LTFM)-Belgrade (LYBE)
Belgrade (LYBE)-Istanbul (LTFM)-New Delhi (VIDP)
Mumbai (VABB)-Istanbul (LTFM)-Belgrade (LYBE)
Belgrade (LYBE)-Istanbul (LTFM)-Mumbai (VABB)

New Ifly Historic Routes

IndiGo Virtual has decided to add 8 relief flights which were operated by IndiGo during the 2015 Chennai Floods. These flights operated from Arrakonam Naval Base, when the Chennai Airport was closed due to rain and floods.

The return legs for the following flights make up eight routes.

Hyderabad (VOHS)-Arrakonam (VOAR)-Bengaluru (VOBL)
Bengaluru (VOBL)-Arrakonam (VOAR)-New Delhi (VIDP)

Our routes database is updated monthly. Stay tuned for the next month’s update 😉.

Join us to experience and enjoy thousand routes that will surely take your breath away.

Pilot Application | Website | Instagram

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Another exciting update!

This routes update brings 56 routes and 8 new destinations.

Have a look at our new destinations:

  • Bareilly (VIBY)
  • Jabalpur (VAJB)
  • Dar-Es-Salaam (HTDA)
  • Victoria (FSIA)
  • Ras Al Khaimah (OMRK)
  • Milan Malpensa (LIMC)
  • Shymkent (UAII)
  • Aktobe (UATT)

Updated destinations map

Have a look at the new routes we have to offer!

New Routes

New Ifly Mainline Routes

Lucknow (VILK) - Ranchi (VERC)
Ranchi (VERC) - Lucknow (VILK)
Bareilly (VIBY) - Mumbai (VABB)
Mumbai (VABB) - Bareilly (VIBY)
Bengaluru (VOBL) - Bareilly (VIBY)
Bareilly (VIBY) - Bengaluru (VOBL)
Mumbai (VABB) - Jabalpur (VAJB)
Jabalpur (VAJB) - Mumbai (VABB)
Kolkata (VECC) - Jabalpur (VAJB)
Jabalpur (VAJB) - Kolkata (VECC)
Lucknow (VILK) - Chennai (VOMM)
Chennai (VOMM) - Lucknow (VILK)
New Delhi (VIDP) - Dimapur (VMER)
Dimapur (VEMR) - New Delhi (VIDP)
Pune (VAPO) - Goa (VOGO)
Goa (VOGO) - Pune (VAPO)
Pune (VAPO) - Raipur (VERP)
Raipur (VERP) - Pune (VAPO)
Pune (VAPO) - Ranchi (VERC)
Ranchi (VERC) - Pune (VAPO)
Kolkata (VECC) - Goa (VOGO)
Goa (VOGO) - Kolkata (VECC)
Mumbai (VABB) - Leh (VILH)
Leh (VILH) - Mumbai (VABB)

New Ifly Charter & CarGo Routes

Amritsar (VIAR) - Yerevan (UDYZ) - Milan (LIMC)
Milan (LIMC) - Yerevan (UDYZ) - Amritsar (VIAR)
Mumbai (VABB) - Dar-es-Salaam (HTDA)
Dar-es-Salaam (HTDA) - Mumbai (VABB)
Amritsar (VIAR) - Abu Dhabi (OMAA)
Abu Dhabi (OMAA) - Amritsar (VIAR)
Cochin (VOCI) - Colombo (VCBI)
Colombo (VCBI) - Cochin (VOCI)
Trivandrum (VOTV) - Kuwait City (OKBK)
Kuwait City (OKBK) - Trivandrum (VOTV)
Trivandrum (VOTV) - Doha (OTHH)
Doha (OTHH) - Trivandrum (VOTV)
Kozhikode (VOCL) - Jeddah (OEJN)
Jeddah (OEJN) - Kozhikode (VOCL)
Trichy (VOTR) - Doha (OTHH)
Doha (OTHH) - Trichy (VOTR)
Mumbai (VABB) - Ras Al Khaimah (OMRK)
Ras Al Khaimah (OMRK) - Mumbai (VABB)
Cochin (VOCI) - Ras Al Khaimah (OMRK)
Ras Al Khaimah (OMRK) - Cochin (VOCI)
Bengaluru (VOBL) - Ras Al Khaimah (OMRK)
Ras Al Khaimah (OMRK) - Bengaluru (VOBL)
New Delhi (VIDP) - Ras Al Khaimah (OMRK)
Ras Al Khaimah (OMRK) - New Delhi (VIDP)
Lucknow (VILK) - Ras Al Khaimah (OMRK)
Ras Al Khaimah (OMRK) - Lucknow (VILK)
Chennai (VOMM) - Victoria (FSIA)
Victoria (FSIA) - Chennai (VOMM)
New Delhi (VIDP) - Shymkent (UAII)
Shymkent (UAII) - New Delhi (VIDP)
New Delhi (VIDP) - Aktobe (UATT)
Aktobe (UATT) - New Delhi (VIDP)

Our newest route from Mumbai (VABB) to Leh (VILH) has 3D buildings at both the airports. Thanks to the Infinite Flight developers for adding 3D objects to Leh!

Join us to experience virtual flying at it’s best.

Pilot Application | Website | Instagram

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Hoping to be a part of IndiGo Virtual soon! Filled the Pilot Application a few hours back😉

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Really cool thread! 👏

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Thank you for applying! We will be reviewing your application shortly.

Thank you for your kind words, Baba :)

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Nice thread! I possibly might join :)

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Thanks for the comment, @canton! We would surely love to have you onboard :)

Actually just applied! Can’t wait to hear from you!

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Splendid! We will be t back to you soon.