Indigo Places Order for 30 A350s

(Picture Credit: Airbus)

  • Rumours have been swirling as Indigo looked into the prospect of wide-body aircraft

  • India’s largest airline has placed an order for 30 A350-900s with the option for 70 more.

  • Indigo currently operates a fleet consisting of ATRs, A320/21s, and 2 wet leased 777s

  • This order will make Indigo the second A350 operator in India, after Air India, who have placed an order for 40 a350-900s and -1000s.

  • No news has been shared about the delivery date.

  • This order sets Indigo up to one of the only long haul-low cost airlines in India. Competing with Air India on many critical routes.

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What is your opinion on this?


Definitely did not expect this from them 😅


Great way to expand their destination fleet! I can see them going to London with that.


This is a big surprise, I always thought they would rules the domestic sector. I guess it’s a good move since I’ve heard that loads of people like Indigo and use them more than any other airline.

And I thought their 777 was uncanny lol. Would be very cool if they send those A350s to SLC

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Indigo has a 777 idk where it flies but yeah people fly indigo mostly cause its cheaper atleast what i know by far , i may be wrong

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I wonder if this is gonna be another 10 abreast A350

I feel like I can count on two hands the amount of people in SLC that want to go to India and vice versa as well, but I’m not from there so maybe I’m just stereotyping lol


This definitely makes things interesting

I can count on one, and i’m Indian.


The long haul low cost model is really challenging, but indigo does have the might…. Great news this. Also that livery looks amazing on the A350

Didn’t know it was long haul

That’s pretty cool

Bye Bye Boeing B77W.

I think Indigo will thrive with this order of A350s.


Yeah if they make cheap flights from the likes of Delhi and Mumbai to European cities and maybe the USA they’ll make a big amount due to the popularity of the routes.

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I think most of the time to IST

They should add Athens. It’s been a while since we’ve seen an Indian connection, and the demand has done nothing but grow.


Agreed. When I went to Athens when it was Easter I saw a lot of Indian tourists there. It’ll save them the hassle of connecting in the UAE or Qatar hubs.

Interesting order… has low cost long haul ever really worked? Although with how huge the worldwide Indian population is, it probably has a better chance of working for Indigo than others

Say all you want, but that livery looks so pretty on the A350