Indigo Partners to Receive Largest Airbus Order In History

Right now there’s no plans to repaint the existing A319/20 fleet we have. They’re coming off lease in the next few years and doesn’t make sense to waste money when you’re a ULCC.



When you say coming off lease does that mean we don’t actually own them? I mean F9 doesn’t own them? Like thy are renting them? And if so does that mean once the lease is up they will simply give them back to Indigo?

Nice retraction of the post. Do you know which planes they actually own?

I can’t comment on exactly what aircraft are owned or not.

You can’t comment or you don’t know? Interesting. Very interesting statement.

I don’t want to provide details into anything that could be considered insider information.

I mean I don’t know how devastating it would be to F9 for me to know the aircraft owned by F9 but I respect your stance.

That could potentially be used to reverse and find financials and such.

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I swear if this is a reference to the Pittsburg Penguins…

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Glad someone caught my drift haha

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How could I not! I’m from Columbus so I despise the Pens & Crosby!

Haha I was born in Pittsburgh and despise the jackets and dubinsky. The cryers and crapitals are the ones I hate the most tho lol.

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