Indigo Partners to Receive Largest Airbus Order In History

credit for this photo goes to the F9 Facebook page

Frontier just announced they are purchasing 200 new aircraft within the next 10 years. This is so amazing!

credit for this photo goes to airwaysmag

You can see just how many aircraft fe actually being bought here for different airlines.
The reason I’m so excited for this is because I’m hoping to work for F9 within a year and a half. F9 announced with these new aircraft will come 5000 new jobs and that means more routes and more destinations and more FAs.

This also probably means a huge expanse in activity at DIA for Frontier. Man I’m so pumped for this haha.
Indigo Partners, who own Frontier, have dedicated 200 of the 430 aircraft toward Frontier expansion. While i was hoping they’d invest in the CSeries, I am very excited to see Frontier expanding like thy are.


Wow! Soon they’re going to run out of animals to paint on their aircraft


Well they have been doing doubles with the old animals. But hopefully this means we willing see no animals or even a new variety of creature. Maybe they’ll start putting insects or different aquatic animals like fish or crabs or lobsters lol.


They need an Emperor penguins and name him Crosby for the best in the world…

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I wouldn’t mind having the The IF logo painted on :). Jokes. I could still think of loads of animals.

Frontier (2nd) A319-100 D-AVXH (N944FR)(01)(Grd) XFW (GB)(46)-L
Luckily they have my favourite animal!!!

I would mind very much :)

Do you know if they also plan to buy a321s, or are sticking with the a320?

Damn! Hopefully this means new routes and increased frequencies! Can’t wait to see the new planes at ISP soon ;)

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This is an amazing order and also a fantastic send off for John leahey, the man behind practically all of airbus’s sales, to whom they owe more than money ;)
Never had the chance to meet him, but amazing to know what he has achieved during his time
Also a massive leap for wizz, frontier and indigo!

They should have a kangaroo and koala added (if it isn’t already). They better feed some good propaganda cause more planes means more needed staff! Nice report!

Maybe they can do insects? They need to keep up the trend😂

A big o insect on a tail is gonna give kids around the U.S nightmares. Imagine a big spider painted on the tail…

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Hopefully! Otherwise we might end up seeing some odd looking animals showing up on the Frontier tails 👀



So Seb is an animal all of a sudden? Hmmmmm…

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You’re making it sound like you never knew he was one.

It’s a wild Seb, very rare and extremely dangerous!

  1. Not wild unless it is his birthday

  2. Not dangerous if you ain’t getting suspended

However, there is good ole’ Misha who likes to describe himself in a haiku…


I think that they will be holding a contest soon for liveries… (Aswell as repainting the old fleet)

I think that they would be the airline to sponsor Infinite Flight if IF wanted a sponsor…

Why would Frontier Airlines sponsor a mobile flight sim?


Now that… is just beautiful😂

Oh my god!!! This is amazing!

@Ryan_Vince - make this happen.