IndiGo baggage loader falls asleep in flight's cargo area, ends up in Abu Dhabi

There’s not much information available right now, so here’s the entire report.

In a bizarre incident, a loader from the Mumbai airport was found asleep in the cargo hold area of an IndiGo flight after it landed in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday.

The loader, who was found asleep on the Mumbai-Abu Dhabi flight, was flown back on a return flight.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has ordered a probe into the incident.

Speaking about the incident, IndiGo said, “We are aware of the incident and the requisite authorities have been informed. The matter is under investigation.”

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Edit: @Ethan_Brown shared a link to a more detailed report about this incident.


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Wow! It’s actually frightening and funny and the same time! Bruh just imagine taking a nap like:
"Yo I’m tired, I am going to take a nap in the cargo bay, I think I can fit in there!
Get waken up by a cargo loader at Abu Dhabi!


@Mayank_Pawar @Ritesh321 omg ?


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I think this has happened to a FedEx worker before if I am not mistaken…


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For those interested, the flight number was 6E1835 from VABB to OMAA.

Apparently he slept off behind the baggage in baggage compartment number one, and the cargo hold door was closed after the staff marked the head count.

He woke up as the flight took off from VABB, but (obviously) couldn’t do anything about it.

He was medically examined at OMAA and found to be stable and normal. After getting the requisite clearances from OMAA authorities he was sent back as a passenger.

All personnel involved in this incident have been off-rostered, pending an investigation.


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Wait, what? It’s this one, right?

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Wow lol, a weird coincidence. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!


Thanks, and Happy Anniversary to you too!

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This is very interesting indeed, since it’s definitely not every day that you have a baggage loader in the cargo hold.
Also, even if the employee was unharmed inside the hold, I think he’s going to get into (at least) some trouble with the airline back in India.

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I’m surprised that he was in stable enough condition to go back to Mumbai after they’re endeavor.

This incident reminds me of another one close to this that happened a few years ago at Alaska Airlines Asleep ramp agent in cargo hold leads to Alaska Airlines emergency landing | CNN


Good news he didn’t die, normally unless there’s a livestock there’s no oxygen supply and heating in cargo compartments.