Indigo and SpiceJet avert collision at Delhi Airport

“Indigo and SpiceJet flights avert collision at Delhi airport”

A major accident was averted at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International airport today morning as two planes, an IndiGo A320 and a SpiceJet Boeing 737-800, came face-to-face on the runway.

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It’s a plane-off a320vsb737 who will win

  • B737
  • A320

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I vote 737 all day :-)

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That’s really not relevant to this incident. It looked like a really close call!

Same here . Love that plane

It’s just a joke try having one in a while

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That’s why pilots should always look out for other aircraft

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Well someone is being fired !

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And it wont be any pilots


You can say that again !

It will be the atc

Not really. Maybe a pilot messed up?
Always easy to assume, but maybe look at the facts first and then go accuse people.

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Not sure how the pilots could taxi without ATC giving them clearance. Not like it’s a highway where they turn and go where they want. (Shrugs)

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