IndiGo Airlines Airbus A321neo

Indigo airlines is one of the largest operators of the A320neo, and have now bought 150 A321 neo’s. (They are also eyeing the A330neo, but haven’t ordered them yet.) I have flown with them multiple times, including the A320neo’s and had an overall enjoyable experience with them.
For anyone interested, here’s Josh Cahill’s review on Indigo airlines:

here’s some more information about Indigo: IndiGo - Wikipedia


Credits to Deirk Weinrich

Hope this gets added soon!

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Edit: I see it is fixed now:)

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Accidently posted the wrong image at first 😂
fixed :)

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I actually can spot one major difference between the normal A321 and the A321NEO, there is no door in front of the wing, there are two small doors over the wing instead

But you don’t notice the bigger engines underneath the wing? (hence NEO). 🤔

Not really, I ain’t Airbus fan

They’re engines are usally made of old washing machines


Yes, A321neo’s have 5 emergency exits on each side instead of the usual four.
I might also be able to catch this aircraft at Delhi :)


Being an Indian and a fan of the Airline im gonna vote for this


this one is much needed

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IndiGo is the largest operator of the A320N and one of the, if not, the largest operator of the A321N. It has also placed an order for 300+ A321N. Would definitely love to see this livery in IF. You got my vote!

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this would be a great addition and every indian member would be very happy for this one

This deserves a bump!

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This deserver a bump :)

This is needed for international routes from India with Indigo

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