IndiGo A320neo

IndiGo is an Indian budget airlines and the largest operator in India, both in passengers carried and fleet size. Indigo also holds the record for the largest purchase of aircraft in history, which was largely comprised of the A320 NEO.

Indigo’s 176 A320 NEOs are powered by Pratt and Whitney engines.

I believe this plane would be an amazing addition to Infinite flight, if you do too, please do drop a vote.

Just need more 3D India airports and this livery will be just as popular as the Air India A350 livery


Largest A320neo operator has my vote 😄


Fun Facts:-
1)IndiGo alone has over 1000 A320neo family aircrafts on order,receiving an average of 1 per week

2)IndiGo’s hub,Delhi Airport, is the worlds busiest A320 airport

3)IndiGo’s A320neo’s have some of the best utilisation’s in the industry


To be frank,this point alone makes me feel like this livery will be added, will be a shame to not have the largest operator added😉

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I want to vote for this but I’m not going to, because I have a 100% belief that both this and the Air India A320neo will be added. And there is no way they miss out on the livery of the biggest A320neo operator.

A livery that may be overlooked is the Vistara A320neo, but hopefully they don’t miss out on that either since the CEO version is already in game.

Would be better to see Vistara and indigo on the Neo instead of the original A320!!

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Voted…. Though I’d prefer to see the Vistara and new Air India livery on the A320neo

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Absolutely beautiful livery

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All hail the IndiGo A320neo!