Indigo A320 VILH to VIDP

It has been such a long time but im back with another beautiful topic

Aircraft: A320
Airline: Indigo
Server: Expert
Airports: Leh airbase to Indira Gandhi International

Processing: InfiniteFlight_2022-04-19-14-43-29.jpg…
At gate with my friend @Nishant_Makhija1

And we are taking off at 10,000 feet 😂

Some Beautiful Snow caps over here!
Processing: InfiniteFlight_2022-04-19-14-44-58.jpg…
Ooooooo i like this one! I call it “The Diversion”

Landing was nice snd smooth though there was lot of fog…

Back at gate chillin with my friend.
Good bye 👋


Nice flight,nice landscape,nice landing.:-)

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Thanks a lot 😊 <3

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The first pic didn’t upload btw

Other then that great photos!

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Oh yea i have a problem with that. It doesnt upload idk why it always says Processing

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