Indicative 100%

Hello Friend. I’m about to start a KSFO flight. When I opened the IF simulator it appeared. Is that known?

Device: Ipad Pro 2018 / IOS 14.4

Hi, I think that is the battery percentage of your device, since your device’s battery is at 100%.

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It never came. In other application does not appear.

Uhm, it’s your battery. Not sure what you clicked, but it’s your battery, there’s no worries!

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I didn’t do anything, but thanks @if.aceh and @Icelandair_TeamICE . It just never happened.

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Yes, no problem. Really happy to help you :)

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It’s already solved but may I ask you is this you first time entering IF after installing IOS 14.4?

This could be a feature of 14.4

It also appears as your controlling which is pretty neat

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