Indicating Whether or not an Airport has been Edited in the Airport Info Tab

Feature Request – Indicating Whether or not an Airport has been Edited in the Airport Info Tab

There are often posts on IFC indicating that “XXXX airport is out of date” or that “XXXX airport runway XXR” doesn’t exist anymore. Our airport editing team is constantly working very hard behind the scenes updating airports. The issue is that it’s not very well known for those not on IFC and even some on IFC if the airport has been edited or not.

I have had some discussions with mods and airport editing staff about this idea. We have discussed as well potentially what can/can’t be pulled from the .dat files and/or the repo into the sim.

The Request:
This is a request to add fields to the Airport Info tab that indicates whether or not an airport has been edited.

There are a couple different options that I’ve discussed with the aforementioned groups of people.
The main questions that have been asked are:

• What can be pulled from the .dat?
• Can info be pulled from the repo?”


Option #1:
Indicate only if airport has been edited.

A field would be added field to the airport info tab below the airport class that says “Edited?:” with a ‘yes/no’ response.

How could this be incorporated? FDS could look at info in line #2 of the .dat file.

For Example…
Here is a non-edited Airport:
If line 2 = ‘1000 Generated by WorldEditor’ then the “Edited?” field would default to ‘No.’
Here is an edited airport:


If line 2 = ‘1000 Generated by Infinite Flight Airport Editing (World Parser)/AB’


If Line 2 is not equal to ‘1000 Generated by Infinite Flight Airport Editing (World Parser)/AB’ then the “Edited?” field would default to ‘Yes.’

Option #2:
If we wanted to delve deeper, there may also be a way to incorporate the date the airport was edited into this as well from the repo.

For example, here is a file in the repo. The upload date is incorporated on Github. It may be important to note that the default date for non-edited airports is Feb 11, 2016:


I am not a developer and would require legwork, but if this data could be pulled into a ‘Date Updated’ field below the ‘Updated?: Yes/No’ field on the airport info tab, it would show when the file was last updated.

The ‘date updated’ field should also be set to be populated if the condition of “Updated: Yes/No” is Yes. Otherwise, to have the condition set as….

Updated: No
Date Updated: 2/11/2016

…could be confusing.

Again, I am not a developer. The general idea is thinking of ways to make it easier for users to indicate within the sim whether or not an airport has been edited or not.

Thoughts and feedback appreciated.


Sounds like a good idea! For the time being, you can check to see an interactive map of all edited airports. :)


Yup, I’m aware of that link. Just thinking more of how to incorporate this within the sim…

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This would be helpful!! Maybe also add a interactive button that says “Airport requires Editor Attention” but maybe only a certain grade can get that?!? Ideas?

All airports that have not been edited require attention, it’s just a matter of lack of staffing and time it do that. If they were to implement a button, Editors would be spammed with request to fix or update airports.

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And maybe we editors get a report of it via mail or something?
The button should only appear for “Edited” airports though.

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Thanks for your assistance in helping put this request together, @dush19

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Good idea. I checked out the link someone talked about.

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I must say this idea is fantastic, as it allows for the community to confirm an airport’s editing status prior to submitting an issue log, but there is one slight problem I have found. If an unedited airport has an elevation fix then its 1st line will indicate that it has been edited. The solution would be to have this manually added as part of the airport’s cataloging process (sorry Kilt).

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What I originally wrote is wrong in response to @ryu12332 . Let me think haha…

Those are such minor fields and I don’t expect a lot of people checking them… (btw, learn how to edit elevation without opening WED ;))