Indicating gate number

Many people don’t care about gate, but wouldn’t it be more efficient and realistic if we can see gate number in IF (yeah, we can look it up, but we can’t do it while taxing right?) For example, if some people flying together and landed at different runway, then if they decided where to park will be easy to hangout at the end of the flight. And for those of you not liking the people spawning everywhere, we could put note about suitable aircraft on beside gate number.


I think this has been requested before, having gate numbers above gates will be too much clutter. If you want to see what fits where, check :)

I couldn’t find duplicate though, but thanks for your link!

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No problem! Send your thanks to @Kilt_McHaggis :)

it is a duplicate.

Please send with link thanks.

I think you should not be able to spawn in the same gate as someone else.

Not sure if this one fits exactly what you’re requesting but here it is

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Darn you beat me to it 😂

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