Indianapolis Colts come to Pittsburgh

Last week the colts flew in to play the Steelers, and I managed to go out and see the plane come in, nice to see something like this now that I can’t see British airways anymore, and all of our other big planes are seasonal.

First for @DeerCrusher we have a Southern C208, these are honestly some of my favorite planes to see out at the airport, always fun to see them between the usual airlines

Allegiant A319

Southwest 737-700

And the main event it’s self, the 767 coming in from Indy

Alaska 737-800, this was one of the last 737s they sent here, the flight switched to an A320 temporarily two days after this


Oh, wait, some pictures ended up in the wrong places, one second… 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

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Yesterday we received a Delta B764 chartering the Vikings! Unfortunately, it went to the farthest runway from me, but I still saw it :)

Nice pics the Delta 767 is really cool 👍🏽😁

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