Indian liveries

I am putting this request in #general instead of #features because this has more than one request.

There are many Indian liveries that are missing. Despite many request threads such as:-Jet Airways 777-300ER , the devs have not added them.

Here is a list:
Air India(new)- 320,A330-200
Air India(old)- 767,777-200er,777-200lr,747-200,747-400
Air India Express- 737-800
Air India (misc)- 757-200
Air India Regional- CRJ-700
GoAir- A320
Jet Airways- 737-700,737-800,A330-300(and -200),777-300er
Jet Konnect- 737-800
Indian Airlines(new)- A319,A320,A320(with double gear)
Kingfisher- A320,A321,A330,A340-500,A350(was ordered)
Vistara- 737-800, 787-9, A320

If the 737MAX and A320neo series are added:-
IndiGo: A320N,A321N
Jet Airways:737MAX-8,737MAX-9
Air India- A320N
GoAir- A320N
Vistara- A320N, A321N

If the ATR series is added:-
Air India Regoinal: ATR-72, ATR-42
Jet Airways: ATR-72-200/500/600
Jet Konnect: ATR-72-500/600
IndiGo-ATR: 72-600
Alliance Air: ATR-72, ATR-42
Kingfisher: ATR-72-200
TruJet: ATR-72(-500 or -600 idk)

Kingfisher- 727-200
Air India(old)- A300,A310
Indian Airlines(old) -A300,737-200
India Post- 737-200F
Star Air: ERJ-135

(more liveries will be added if I find some more)

The Indian IF Community will have more liveries of their own if these are added. We will be able to fly more Indian routes compared to what we have now.

We already have:
Jet Airways: 737-900
Air India(new)- A321, 747-400, 777-200lr, 777-300er, 787-8
IndiGo- A320
SpiceJet- 737-900, Q400
With this small collection, we can’t fly the routes operated by the other aircraft and maintain realism.

Note:- I am not trying to blame the IF team for ignoring or forgetting the Indian liveries.

Thank you for reading this :D


Hey! This is why the #features category in in place so people can support these liveries. The best way you can support these is by giving them your vote.


only if we have an increased vote limit…

i have voted for many liveries…but more are left and i don’t have votes… :(

Well if that were to happen people would abuse it and vote for everything. Vote for the ones you really want :)


There’s so many Indian IF liveries, I hope the team focuses more on small countries

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As you noted we have features for this. Thanks!