Indian Government Aircraft

1)The Indian Government has taken delivery of the 2 of the 3 777-300er’s(I think so) that would be used as Air India One to transport the Prime Minister and the President of india.
2)The Indian Air Force also operates a Boeing 737-700BBJ that the Prime Minister and the President use for their domestic and short haul flights
3) The IAF also operates a fleet of 4 Embraer 145 and 4 Embraer 135 for the same purposes.
Link to a Wikipedia article about the same-

I think that these aircraft will be great additions to Infinite Flight along with a reworked VC-25(Air Force One)

Hey there @phoenix006 the first aircraft requested by you has already been put up as a Feature request by @Rohan625 , you can check it here on this link and vote :-
Indian Government Boeing 777-300ER


@phoenix006 For the 737, I request you to make a fresh post or dedicate this particular post entirely to the 737 .



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One of the aircraft you have requested above already has a topic (as stated by Samyak above^). Please have a look at it.
About the 737, you may dedicate this topic for that specific plane or close this one and make a new topic for the Indian Govt. 737

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