Indian Airlines "Double Bogey" Airbus A320

please don’t be confused as it is Indian Airlines and not Air India and don’t close it for saying it is Duplicate
There were nearly 35-40 a320 with double bogey landing gears manufactured for Indian Airlines with most of them still in service with air india.


Wow, that’s confusing 😉

Awesome plane!


I almost wanted to say duplicate haha.


They had to get double bogey because of the bad runways in India which damaged the normal configuration of a320 gear


Um nope , it is Indian Airlines not Air India …

Read the OP description.

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It is the Livery after air India taken over Indian Airlines before merging

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The Double Bogey gear looks so weird!

on a plane your not used to it sure thing but plain cool for smoother landings

Since when did a320 have double Bogey

It’s for airlines operating at airports with bad runways. This helps for smoother landings and it allows Air India/Indian airlines to land at the airports a single bogey plane cant


The orange fits really nice with the A320

I jost love it! So nice!

I personally like this one and not the new air India one ,and now this is a rare Livery

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It’s a good livery but i dont think so that we need it in the infinite flight

Big fan of double bogey landing gears, but not in the A320!

Still a OK plane tho.