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Founded: June 8th, 2022

Commenced Operations: June 8th, 2022

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A Message From our CEO

Greetings, India Virtual pilots! I am excited that you have taken the time to have a look at our Virtual Airline. It is my pleasure to be serving as the President & CEO of India Virtual.

In India Virtual, we wish to offer the IFC the best Indian hospitality by encouraging pilots to reach their full potential.

Our Mission
  • To provide a fun, exciting, and safe place for Infinite Flight pilots to come and explore the world.
  • To provide a place free of any form of discrimination. Caring and kind to all members so that they feel like family.
  • To uphold the value and prestige of Infinite Flight and IFVARB. Across all Communication platforms inside and outside Infinite Flight.

India Virtual is a Virtual Airline built by highly passionate simulation enthusiasts for professional flyers of the Infinite flight based mobile simulator community, who strive for excellence and professionalism.

Founded in 2022, India Virtual represents the essence of true Indian hospitality. India Virtual offers the largest number of international destinations from India! With its headquarters in Delhi Indira Gandhi international airport (VIDP/DEL), India Virtual operates and fully owns many airlines under its name alongside numerous codeshare partners. All our esteemed pilots can fly on any of the routes and liveries used by India Virtual and the codeshare partners. We have amazing awards for pilots who fly for our Virtual Airline with dedication.

​We at India Virtual sought to closely simulate real-world routes and fleets. We aim to provide the best Indian hospitality above the skies of India and around the world. India Virtual Airlines is committed to becoming one of the best Virtual Airlines in the Indian Sub-Continent. We have a group of pilots flying to & from India to establish our existence & provide the luxury experience while flying with us.

Need more reasons to hop in?

For More Information, check our links below:

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  • We ensure all pilots get to fly the routes of their choice and enjoy in the Virtual World!
  • Real-world routes and fleet with a touch of Indian hospitality in the skies
  • Opportunity to fly Air India, and Air India Express routes
  • Our commitment to making India Virtual the best Indian Virtual Airline that will make you feel proud and will create an emotional connect
  • Commitment to Quality: Each pilot is rigorously scrutinized to raise the bar higher and to ensure that there is no compromise on quality
  • Our courteous & friendly staff at your service
  • We are a well-rounded VA with many experienced and mature members with various skills such as IFATC
  • We hold pride in our motto and ensure you are Flying Dreams together, which can be achieved at India Virtual.

In addition to this, we offer

  • Exciting awards for dedicated pilots.
  • Exciting events.
  • Perks on group flights to promote unity and friendship.
  • Perks to our IFATC members for guarding the skies.

Below are the members of staff who are responsible for the smooth running of the airline:

Executive Staff

Staff Position
@Varunsehdev Chief Executive Officer
@aditya_srivastva Chief Operating Officer
@jaSsu_07 Chief of Staff

Management Staff

Staff Position
Discord Moderator
@Aryan_789 Director Of Routes
@Ritesh321 Director ROTW & Pirep
@aman_gupta HR & Recruitment Director
@indraniel Events Director
Director Of Training
Flight Supervisor
Last Updated on 03/08/2023

India’s Largest Fleet

India Virtual operates a fleet of both narrow and wide-body aircraft. Airbus A320 family, Airbus A320Neo, and the wide-body fleet is Boeing 747, Boeing 777 series, and Boeing 787. India Virtual has an enormous database that allows you to explore the world and fly the new feeling and explore the vast skies of Infinite Flight and ensure that our pilots get to fly a diversity of routes.

Airbus 319-100

Airbus 320-200 Air India

Airbus 321-200 Air India

Boeing 737-800 Air India Express

Boeing 747-400 Air India

Boeing 777-200LR Air India

Boeing 777-300ER Air India

Boeing 787-8 Air India

We at India Virtual are currently operating a Flare Crew Center

Pilot Ranks

Our Ranks

India Virtual offers a grade structure for pilots. Based on the flight hours earned by a pilot, ranks are awarded. Pilots gain higher ranks when they complete the required hours for the promotion to the following ranks. Promoting to higher ranks allows pilots to access a variety of aircraft and more routes. India Virtual encourages you to push the limits and own the skies.

We have a wide range of aircraft, ensuring that pilots get the opportunity to fly the beautiful routes served by Air India and Air India Express.

Air India Route Network

At India Virtual, we have awards for pilots who fly the most and Infinite Flight Air Traffic Controllers who show their dedication.
The Awards are:

Pilot of the Month

India Virtual tiers and privileges are designed to offer you the opportunity to fly more, earn more points and do more with your membership. Every flight takes you closer to a higher tier and more privileges that include Priority Services (includes priority push-back and take-off). That’s not it, you will get a 2x multiplier once for every week of that particular month.

Controller of the Month

India Virtual tiers and privileges are designed to offer you the opportunity to control more, earn more points and do more with your membership. That’s not it, you will get a 2x multiplier once for every week of that particular month.

A Virtual Airline is never complete without events! We conduct events biweekly, ranging from short-haul to long-haul events. Anyone can participate irrespective of rank and can be eligible for a multiplier! Currently, Events help pilots fly routes that may be operated by aircraft outside their rank and enable them to rank up quickly with the help of attractive multipliers. India Virtual offers a rewarding system to pilots who regularly attend our events:

Status Minimum Events Attended Eligibility
Event Bronze 5 Events 1.5x multiplier

Status Minimum Events Attended Eligibility
Event Silver 10 Events 2x multiplier

Status Minimum Events Attended Eligibility
Event Gold 20 Events 3x multiplier

Status Minimum Events Attended Eligibility
Event Platinum 30 Events 4x multiplier

India Virtual Air Traffic Controllers Program encourages more and more pilots to apply for IFATC and control airports worldwide. In the long run, it will help all airports around the world be staffed 24/7.

Requirements to be a part of our Team
  • You have an active subscription to Infinite Flight.
  • You control ATC at least once a month to stay active.
  • Must be a Specialist or a higher rank.
Benefits of being a part of India Virtual Air Traffic Controllers Program
  • You can log the hours for the time you have controlled.
  • You will get a 1.5 multiplier for controlling Schedule Airports.
  • You will earn benefits for providing your services in our Events and Group Flights.
  • You will have a dedicated lounge within our Discord Server.

Codeshare Country

India Virtual uses a free application called Discord for all internal communications. It’s a great way for pilots from all over the world to exchange conversations for getting to know each other, share stories, and even plan a group flight. For the staff members, we use it to keep everyone informed about things going on (#announcements, #ROTW & many more) in the VA community; for example - VA events, new features, and routes.


For all external communications, we use the Infinite Flight Community to update our community members. Follow our IFC Account to keep in touch & for more latest updates!

Join Discord

Applicants must be 13 years or older.
Applicants must have a valid Infinite Flight subscription.
Applicants must have a valid IFC account.
Applicant’s IFC accounts must be in good standing.
Applicants must not be on the IFVARB blacklist.
It may take up to 48 hours for your application to be reviewed by one of our staff.

To join & become one of us, apply

India Virtual

For More Information, check our links below:

IFVARB || Website || Join Discord |

India Virtual ® owns the right of all data used here.
India Virtual is a Virtual Airline exclusively for the Infinite Flight platform. We have no affiliation with Air India or any subsidiary. All India Virtual trademarks (including logos and icons) referenced or displayed on this site remain the property of India Virtual.

Special word of thanks to @if.dallas for the banner image!
Special word of thanks to @Captain_Dreamliner for helping us with the graphics!
Special mention to the IFVARB team for helping us get approved.
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