Independent Team || IF Olympics

This will be a special ‘team’, for people who don’t want to compete for a country, or come from a smaller country that doesn’t have enough people to make a reasonable team. Anybody is eligible, and there is unlimited spots (within reason). This team will not have a leader, everyone competes on their own.

How it works:

  • Each person in the team can compete in all of the events and have access to the Olympic server.
  • They can win medals, but the team is not included in team standings.
  • For team events, they will have to join on with another independent, or not compete.

People on this team are competing on their own, there will be no discord/slack etc, and no leader. It is their responsibility to sign up for and attend events.

Interested? Comment blow to sign up.



INTERESTED, Shaddup and take my registration form


Nice idea,
I would like to join, too.

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