Independent Taxi Lights Button

I would like to suggest in the future a separate “Taxi Lights” button be added to the Lights control panel.

The benefits I see could be the following :

  1. Added realism and sim immersiveness

  2. Permits exclusive use of the Taxi Lights during ground operation independent of Landing Lights.

  3. Taxi Lights use in ground operation will further delineate a aircraft running and bring further attention to its intentions to other aircraft in close proximity.

  4. During ground/taxing operation in low light, fog or night airport conditions the white light graphic as it is
    currently is very visible and will add a increase in situational awareness during multi-player sessions.

  5. It looks cool ??? and makes IF more fun ???

Thank you for thinking about this.

Sorry my example is’nt better quality.


Feel free to vote here.


I thought I did my do diligence in searching for this topic and feature request before posting mine.

I could not find anything UNTIL my post became live!
Then I could see this has been brought up before.

For now I will let my request stand as is.

Interesting, because I found the topic by searching “Taxi Lights”, being the fifth result.

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Maybe my search input was not defined or correct.
I forgot now how I entered it.
I think we get stuck on splitting hairs…the point of all of this is the request topic itself. Not that 4 or more users have addressed it? To consolidate a feature vote to one voting location its ok to me if mine is removed
I can do that myself.

Maybe if this subject pops up enough it will be taken under consideration no ?

I often to not get IFC…its to me appears to come across as argumentative or see I told you so…
So with that said I will politely refrain from useless dialog about this . I simply think it could be a beneficial feature. No more no less !

Taxi light topics linked above. Continue your request for the feature in those please. Thanks!