Independent Nose Wheel/Trim Movement

I know it would take time to develop, but has anyone ever noticed that annoying wheel movement when you are fighting crosswinds at the runway? Or at the moment after touching down where you just want to make a little correction with the trim and you slide the “RUD” button left or right and it makes a husk movement to the left/right making the aircraft’s wing hit the ground?

What is the idea?
Well, here I suggest to add a button where you can decide whether using Nose Wheel Control or Trim Control for us to have a more realistic wind fights on the runway without moving the wheel avoiding wing strikes or unrealistic husk turns in the runway.

How can it be done?

  1. FDS can add a slide able button on the “Systems” menu where you can decide whether you want to use the “Nose Wheel Control” or the “Trim Control”
  2. On the “RUD” Icon shown on the bottom right side of the screen, add another Icon for the “Steering Wheel”.
  3. It can also include the third option where you can chose between using just one of the options or using both at the same time.

What is the purpose?/Effects
The purpose is for having a more realistic crosswind landings/takeoffs avoiding wingstrikes and unwanted husk turns on the runway.
We can handle the nose wheel without moving the trim, I know that it can also be used using both, and that could be the third option.

Thanks for reading :)


That could be very useful, I like your request. Although there already is a “Couple Ailerons and Rudder” setting where you can:

  • Control Rudder using “RUD” slider
  • Control Nose Wheel (on ground) and Ailerons using tilt
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Firstly, when you use the term ‘trim’ I believe you are actually referring to the rudder movement.

I agree it is annoying, but the simpler solution is the realistic one, (rather than inventing a fake system):

When flying commercial aircraft, Using the ‘rudder’ in IF should only give a maximum of 7 degrees of nose wheel turning. Once you reach 80 knots the rudder pedals then control the tail rudder. This is used for takeoff roll and also for landing (ie rudder control until under 80 knots to prevent the nose wheel coming down in IF at like 40 degrees to the left)

They should then create a seperate ‘tiller’ control above the current rudder that is used for taxi, that allows up to 70 degrees turning.

This solution allows you to use the tiller for sharp turns 70 degree nose wheel for taxiing, and allows you to use the rudder for up to 7 degrees on Take off and landing under 80 knots, and the same rudder control is simply the tail rudder above 80 knots.

This might be what you were trying to say, but it’s as simple as including an extra control (tiller) and restricting the current rudder controls