Independence Day @ KATW - 031500ZJUL17

(This event is not for a VA. ANYONE is welcome to join!)

Server: Casual

Region: Oshkosh

Starting Airport: KATW

NOTAM: Come on down and celebrate freedom in your favorite plane with jets from any United States airline for a nice cruise around the Oshkosh Region. We will take off from Appleton Intl., then climb to 5000 feet at 240 KIAS and then perform a touch&go at KOSH. Then climb to 7000 feet at 240 KIAS, then another touch&go at KUES. After that touch&go, climb to 12000 feet and cruise at 320 KIAS. We will then begin to descend into KATW.

Allowed Airlines:
Virgin America
U.S. Airways
Alaska Airlines
Boeing House Livery


1500Z is official event time
(11:00 AM EDT)
(8:00 AM PDT)
(3:00 PM GMT)
Please correct me if I’m wrong about any of those times.

Flight Plan:

It can also be copied from me (callsign American 17 76) as well.

GATE 03: @RTG113
GATE 04: @B747fan
GATE 05: @John_Ryan1
GATE 06: @iiExTReME
GATE 07: @Trevor_A
GATE 08: @AllegiantAir
HANGAR C01: @Captain_korah
HANGR C02: @Deaf
GA20: @Kareem_Hani
GA15: Open
GA10: Open
GA05: Open

More gates will be added if needed!

Other info:
You are encouraged to take screenshots, on the ground and throughout the event. While cruising through the air, get as close together as possible with other planes! In an effort to all stay together, please cruise at only 240 KIAS below 10000 feet and 320 KIAS above 10000 feet. If you find yourself behind the pack, slightly increase your speed and if you find yourself ahead of the pack, slightly decrease your speed.
Lastly, don’t push back/taxi until I (callsign American 17 76) does as it gives time for screenshots.

Hope to see you there!


Sign me in Boeing 787


Looks a good flight. Can I take a gate please.

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Shouldn’t that be 3pm?

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You should also add virgin america as an option, i mean they have the american flag on there winglets!

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jeez man, that’s reaalllyy fast!

but nice journey. May attend but don’t put my name down yet, need to check availability

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You and @John_Ryan1 have been put in. Sorry for the delay

I am actually considering any U.S. based airline (American, Delta, Southwest, jetBlue, United, etc.)

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You’re right, I did this flight and it seems too fast, I’ve changed it to 320.

Important Update:
I’ve changed the event date from July 4th to July 3rd, in order to avoid any conflicts with IRL celebrations.
@John_Ryan1 @B747fan


May I join? I want to get a gate and be in this event :)

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Can i sign up for the next gate please

Sure thing! You are gate 07

With the new rule changes they will be allowed!

I will be there!
Possibly in a Virgin America A320

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Sign me up
Boeing 787
Callsign - Delta 2 1 9 super

Maybe I’ll be in an American Airlines 737-8
and my call sign is American 1131 Super

No worries, think it as celebrating my birthday. 😉

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Question: does boeing house count as an American airline?

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Sure thing! Since Boeing is a USA company