Independence day Flyout 4JUL24

Basic event rules

  1. No trolling
  2. Follow all ATC instructions
  3. If there isn’t ATC then use Unicom properly
  4. I am not responsible for any violations
  5. Have a wonderful flight!

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Summary: American. A great country full of beauty and freedom! This is July 4th, the day in 1776 when America became a country! Independence day is celebrated throughout all of the USA and what better way to celebrate this, aviation style, than to fly out of Washington DC Ronald Reagan International Airport in Washington DC. The beautiful Potomac river follows the approach path to the runways in DC! You can do some sightseeing and on Departure and see the White house, Capitol, Washington Monument, etc. While you takeoff! Have a wonderful time flying from The Capitol of America.

Airport view
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Server: Expert

Airport: KDCA



Atc controller


A terminal
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Username
A01 Southwest 737 Milwaukee
A02 Southwest 738 Chicago Midway
A03 Southwest 737 St Louis
A04 Southwest 737 Nashville
A05 Frontier A320 Denver @Justin_Betances
A06 Air Canada express CRJ900 Toronto
A07 Southwest 737 Houston
A08 Southwest 738 Orlando
A09 Air Canada Express CRJ900 Toronto
RON spots
RON spot Airline Aircraft destination username
101 American eagle CRJ900 Pensacola
102 American eagle CRJ700 Cincinnati
103 American eagle E175 Syracuse @Ken_wei
104 American eagle CRJ700 Savannah
105 United CRJ700 Newark
106 United CRJ700 Newark
107 Air Canada express CRJ900 Toronto
108 American eagle E175 Atlanta
B terminal
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Username
B10 Delta 757 Los Angeles @Dimitrios_TA
B10B Delta A320 Minneapolis
B11 United 757 Denver
B12 United B738 Ohare
B14 Delta BCS3 Detroit @CedricFlys
B15 American A319 Miami
B16 American B738 Orlando
B17 Alaska B738 Ohare
B18 Delta A321 Atlanta @Apple_Haye
B19 United A320 Houston
B20 United A320 Houston
B21 Delta 757 Los Angeles @Olivia12
B22 American A319 Windsor Locks
C terminal
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination username
C23 American A319 Tampa @whyevenbothernaming
C24 American A320 Ohare @Random_avatitor
C25 American A319 Jaxonville
C26 Jetblue A321 San Juan @deltaoutofdca
C27 American eagle CRJ700 Norfolk
C28 American A319 St Louis
C29 American eagle E175 JFK @United_8275_heavy
C30 JetBlue E190 Boston
C31 American A319 Boston
C32 JetBlue A320 Fort Lauderdale
C33 American eagle E175 Key West
C34 JetBlue A320 Fort Lauderdale
D terminal
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination username
D35 American eagle E175 JFK
D36 American 738 Ohare @MAviationYT
D37 Sun County 738 Minneapolis
D38 American A319 Charlotte
D39 American eagle CRJ900 Albany
D40 American eagle E175 Buffalo
D41 American A319 Boston
D42 American A319 Nassau
D43 American A319 Nassau
D44 American eagle E175 Indianapolis
D45 American eagle CRJ900 Des Moines
E terminal
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Username
E47 American eagle CRJ700 Cincinnati
E48 American eagle CRJ700 Dayton
E49 American eagle CRJ700 Raleigh Durham
E50 American eagle CRJ900 Jaxonville
E51 American eagle E175 Columbus
E52 American eagle E175 Kansas city
E53 American A321 Los Angeles
E54 American eagle CRJ700 Toronto
E55 American eagle CRJ700 Lansing
E56 American eagle CRJ700 Montgomery
E57 American eagle CRJ700 Birmingham
E58 American eagle CRJ900 Philadelphia
E59 American eagle CRJ700 Huntsville

Happy Independence Day!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸
I also want to thank @deltaoutofdca for the idea

@deltaoutofdca has sponsored this event. Lets flood his Hawaii event and help him out!

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I Will take this please

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Great choice! All singed up

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Ok. You need help with the gates. No offense, like a lot.

A gates is only Frontier, air Canada and southwest.
B gates is Delta, United, Alaska
C gates is JetBlue, American
D gates is American
E gates is American

But I’ll take this at C26

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Could you help me out on determining the gates?

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I just did. Just make the airlines at the correct gates.
But the SunCountry gate is correct

Ok. I can’t change it right now. I’ll change it in a bit

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I’ll take C23.

I probably won’t attend because I’m actually gonna be celebrating instead of playing infinite flight…


Can I take this one?

@CedricFlys and @whyevenbothernaming youre both signed up

ATL please

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All signed up

@Olivia12 and @CedricFlys your gates were changed if that’s ok


@deltaoutofdca do the gates look better?

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I will be taking D36 American 738 Ohare

small event bump!

Event bump!

An event bump. Lets get more sign ups

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