Incredible Geographical Features

I was making my way down towards Calgary International when I noticed this massive ridge (which spanned its way for what seemed like forever).

I have no clue what it is. If anyone knows what it could be please tell me as I would love to know the name of it.

Also feel free to post similar photos of cool geographical areas or features in this topic too- I would love too see them!

PS Canada is one hell of a nice looking country!

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I think the best infinite flight photos is enough… for the screenshots

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Well, I think if I was to post anything in there it wouldn’t really ever be noticed due to the immense spamming of new posts.

EDIT: Also, that topic is very vague, I am creating this topic as thanks to the great arrival of global, there are many geographical features that many of us never knew about. This topic will be a place for people to share information on what-is-what.

It would be nice to keep every thing in one place rather than have many topics, nice shots by the way :).

Very true the mods will do what’s right anyway…

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These categories are plentiful for sharing screenshots. Redeveloping the wheel and having multiple topics for screenshots is counter-productive.


I agree, but I feel that those topics, as they are vague, let people upload loads of replies quickly, creating a sea of unnoticed content. I have already uploaded the pictures of the ridge to the log book, but still no replies as to what the ridge thingy is.

To answer this question, after reviewing some terrain maps this ridge you are referencing may be one of two river/creek beds that run on the westerly section of Calgary.

@Cpt.TC see the picture below ;)