Increasing trust level

Can someone give me advice on improving my IFC trust level? I’m basic at the moment but want to increase to be able to qualify for IFATC.


Understanding Discourse Trust Levels here you go :) take a look at this

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Hey there welcome to the community. For more check this link out:

And Once you hit that, providing you hit the requirements, you can apply for IFATC:)


There’s no such thing as an “ATC Trust Level.” I believe you’re referring to the IFC Trust Level (use the link from the two previous replies for more information).

I assume you mean IFATC. If this is the case, you must be at least TL1 (Basic), as mentioned. Lucky for you, you’ve been TL1 since June 2020!

Since you meet that requirement, take a look here to see view the other requirements.

I hope to see you in IFATC soon!

All the best!

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Welcome to the community!

As others have linked the relevant topics - I won’t say much, except this: keep being active on the forum and you’ll get to TL2 in no time! Looking forward to seeing you as an IFATC controller soon!
Note: you don’t have to be at TL2 to apply to IFATC. Your current standing (TL1, basic) is enough.

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Only thing that I could recommend is to keep contributing to the community and you’ll reach it one day, as requirements are kept secret to prevent farming. In the meantime, you can set up an ATC tracking thread, a tutorial on which you can find here and get some necessary practice which is the most important thing in applying to IFATC. Oh, and don’t give up on it, my first thread was back in 2017 and I got there only in 2020, hope yours will be quicker though

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Thank you, I appreciate the corrections!

I’ll know for next time.


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