Increasing Landings

Hi there. I am very close to Grade 3 but have very little time to fly. What is the best way to landing many times very quickly?

A good way to “farm” landings is to hop in a GA aircraft (I prefer the XCub) and bunny hop at an airport with a lot of runways (I prefer KEDW, it has 11). With the one landing every 30 seconds rule, you can get 100 landings in 50 minutes (if you are right on with the accuracy - I use a stopwatch).


Cool! Thanks for the advice! Does it work well with any other aircraft? I’m not very good at flying light aircraft.

Yeah, it works with everything but the smaller the easier. I like to make very tight patterns + no-flap landings in the TBM. That racks up a lot especially when you combine it with @Thunderbolt’s suggestion. No-flap landings will let you go faster and take less time on final, etc.

@NuggetFornia What I do is go to an airport with a long runway/ runways and relatively low traffic like PANC. I take an XCub and fly from one side of the runway to the other sometimes you might Be able to get 2-3 landings in one direction and get 12 in an easy 5 minutes.

Others like to fly tight patterns using a faster GA aircraft like a TBM 930.

It’s really up to you, but I feel with someone who doesn’t have much time my method will suit you.Feel free to try both!

Also, feel free to PM me if you have any questions or need any help, practice like this is important for ensuring quality on the expert server. It’s fun once you get there and it’s worth it, trust me.😀

Justin Duval

I’m gonna try flying in a fighter. They land at faster speeds and bounce easily, which might allow me to touch and go faster.


A good thing with fighters is that you can make sharp turns. Fly between airports close to each other where the takeoff runway is more or less aligned with the landing runway.

Ex. Take a F-22 flight from 26R at LFPG to the corresponding runway at Paris Le Bourget (forgot the ICAO, sorry).

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That too! Sharp turns can help with landing on parallel runways.

The bad thing about going faster is that you need to be at a relatively slow speed (I think under 110kts) for your landing to actually count. Flying in a fighter, you’ll have to take time to slow the aircraft down. That’s why the TBM is perfect for that sort of thing.


Okay. I’ll take that into consideration. Sharp turns can help slow the plane down.

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If you take the F-22 suggestion I gave above, then take a 180 on the Le Bourget runway and head back to LFPG.

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After some trial and error, I have determined that it is time between landings (I think about 30 seconds) and not speed.

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Thanks for all of your help! I got to Grade 3!


Your welcome and congratulations 🎉

@NuggetFornia do you mind if I ask to close this thread since there is no need to clog IFC… the issue seems to be resolved :)

I heard pattern work is a great way to increase your number of landings.

I wouldn’t know much more though, I mostly (~95% of the time) fly long hauls so I only do about 1 landing per day…

Yeah pattern work is great, especially at controlled airports. Racking up landings doesn’t get boring as fast when you’re with ATC.

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Also does flying without autopilot gain more xp then flying with? If your hand flying tight circuits with a decent crosswind you should rack up xp quickly too

I like being in grade 4 but I usually have to farm landings since 95% of the flights I do are over night and I do like 5 flights a week(all long-haul) so I farm landings once every 90 days, I usually use KEDW with a tbm, do all the landings I can on the massive runway and turn around

Yeah, I think you gain much more XP with autopilot turned off.