Increasing Fuel Remaining

Hello, I am currently in the middle of a long haul flight but it seems that I have miscalculated my fuel loads. I am currently about 1hr. 15 mins. short on fuel. Any ideas on how to increase it so that I may reach my destination?


You cannot add fuel to your aircraft unless you are in the VC-25, DC-10, or a fighter jet (the only aircraft to have refueling capabilities). Good luck gliding down to your destination. :)


Fly at higher altitudes. If you have favourable wind, you wouldn’t be needing to use more throttle to reach your destination. Start a delayed descent and use your pitch to maintain airspeed rather than using throttle. If you manage to do it perfectly, you can get there safely. But still, 1 hour is a long time.

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Or unless you are in solo, you can then add in flight via weight an d balance, but I suspect you are on live…

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Also make sure your trim is set well, this can actualy have a big impact…


He is at FL400 according to Liveflight.
What is your N1? Load?
Here is a screenshot from windy. You can take advantage of winds

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N1: 89%
Load: 165,000

Climb to a Higher Allitude FL380 FL390 FL400
Reduce Speed a Little.
Alternatively Make a Landing at a Nearby Airport, Whats your IF User ID ? And what are you ?

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To be honest, I felt like the tailwinds (over the south pacific) that I will enter upon arrival into Santiago De Chile would be strong enough to push me forward but I am not so sure anymore. That was the sole reason I started the flight in the first place. I attempted this route (VHHH-SCEL) three times now!

This tutorial by Deercrusher may help you:


What’s I’ve learned is that sometime IF fuel estimate is very wrong sometimes. If you have a favorable winds as stated you should be fine.


but you would know from the very beggining if you miscaculated your fuel or not, if the “fuel remaining” is still red after you have reached cruise then you miscalculated, at that point you should probably either land or quit


You can always just land at a nearby airport. I’ve done that plenty of times when I miscalculate fuel.

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