Increased loading times / scenery

This issue should now be solved.

If you are experiencing any issues, please first try restarting the app and your device. If this doesn’t work, you can contact for more help.

We’re currently experiencing issues with scenery and airport loading.
This may lead to increased loading times when initiating a flight, scenery appearing at a lower resolution as well as airport scenery not loading properly.

We’re working on getting services fully restored as soon as possible.

07:55Z - Infinite Flight have been made aware of the issue and is actively investigating
08:09Z - Switching to backups. Unfortunately no improvement. Investigation continues
08:52Z - CDN provider has been contacted and are investigating the issue on their end
10:00Z - Server host has been contacted as well for additional investigation resources
13:01Z - We’re seeing a more normal behaviour of the services since 12:00Z. But we’ll keep monitoring.
15:23Z - This is now considered as resolved. Root cause is still unknown, but we’ll keep investigating this to avoid similar issues in the future.
18:32Z - Our server host has reported they are experiencing networking issues at their data centers. This may result in slow loading times in Infinite Flight. We’re working with them for status updates
00:30Z - Our server host has marked the networking issues as solved. Infinite Flight should be working as normal again.
05:50Z - The issue reappeared briefly at 05:00Z, but was resolved rather quickly. Crossing fingers it keeps this way now.