Increased lag

During the main quarantine last year, I flew thousands of hours almost in the air 24 hours a day other than switching flights. As things started to get back to normal I became busy and couldn’t fly anymore. Recently I decided to start flying again and noticed on my pretty new iPad it has been extremely laggy. I never had this issue before and some of my friends have had similar problems.


A few days ago we pushed an update that should have resolved a lot of this.
May i ask what version of the app you’re currently using? You can find this on the top left after tapping Settings → About in the app.

I pressed setting and don’t see my version history in the top left, I’d love to check on the app store but I’m currently in a flight.

Settings → About :)

not sure if I’m blind but I don’t see it haha

Look at the bottom :)


Got it thank you, it says version 20.03.05 (778)

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Which iPad model do you have exactly and what graphics settings?

Ipad air 3rd generation which was released in March of 2019 and my graphic settings are very high, I know sometimes this can be the cause but I’ve never had an issue until recently

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Is this lag consistent or just something that happens randomly?

It’s not consistent, usually happens when I’m moving my camera around.

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Do you have limit frame rate ticked or unticked?

It is ticked, should I turn it off?

Yes, please try and see if it improves.
Might be that it was unticked for you before, but got ticked after the update.

If it helps, I also have an iPad Air 3 (64GB) and everything runs buttery-smooth on max graphics as long as I’m not in a congested area and as long as other apps are closed.

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I think that fixed it, thank you so much for your help! Have a great day.


All good then! :)

this also good be why haha, all on the way to HNL!