Increased Frequency of Flights?

Hey y’all! I know I know 2nd topic today , this is my last for today.

How would y’all feel about flight frequencies being added in Infinite Flight? Such as x3 service to DCA from ATL, What I mean by this is that there could be some pilots that operate flights in frequencies like the real world. Meaning more realistic simulation

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First of all, if this is a feature, this should go in #features, because from what i see, this seems (i don’t know what this really means) to be a features request.
Second, I have no clue what you are talking about right now. In the game, you can rely wherever you want, whenever you want. I’m not sure what you want with this request.

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I’m also confused on what you mean by this. A little more explaining would be helpful. Also, you should just request it in #features and people could give their input on this from there

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I think what he means is to probably chat with other pilots while flying with others IM not totally correct about it

Hi @PilotChrisSG, hope you are having a great day.

As far as I understood, you are meaning (i.e) like DCA-ATL 3 times per day. Right?

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Yes that’s what I mean

Ok, got it.

What I can say is the IF Global has the feature that pilots can fly anywhere on the world, and they can fly the same route as many times as they want, and that’s how they do the frequencies. So, if you want to fly ALT-DCA-ATL 3 times per day, feel free to do so. You can gain more XP, landings, and progress your grade level :)

Hope this helps :=)

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Hey! This indeed happens on Infinite Flight, especially for those with a Global/Pro subscription. These kinds of frequent flights commonly happen through the wide variety of virtual airlines (VAs) or virtual organisations (VOs) that exist within the Infinite Flight community.

You could pick your favourite VA or VO from the database below, and get started with applying to them! (I’m assuming you have a Pro subscription here).

When you’re accepted into a VA, you can sign up to operate flights at a real-world frequency, and coordinate your turnarounds etc. on the crew centre and the VA’s Discord/Slack server, as soon as you get to the appropriate pilot level, to make it as close as you can to the real thing.

Hope this helped answer your question.

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What I mean this that different people fly it on realistic days as well such as

For example: “ * Daily service from ATL and Saturday-only service from JFK to Own Roberts International Airport (GCM) in the Cayman Islands”

You can certainly suggest/request those flights, when you join a VA or a VO, I’m sure.

Pilots pick and choose flights according to their convenience, though.

Another way you can try this is to apply to a VA’s management team - and see if you can be accepted in a crew scheduling department, so you can schedule crews and flights more realistically.

This would be good for VA event for people who only have one device like me

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